A Moment in Time

moment in time1

Can I have this dance?

Share a moment with you

Where you are wholly mine


In this moment, here

Looking into your eyes

Feeling the warmth of your hands


Leading and you following

Yielding and oh so trusting

I have everything I ever wanted

moment in time3


Twirling, stepping, waltzing

We move as one

How we look good together!

moment in time2


You smile and bow,

The moment is over

And reality sets in


You leave, but still you linger

In the memory of your eyes twinkling

And your smell hanging in the air


I wait, wearing a smile that belies my feelings

Hoping that you would look back- one last glimpse

Of the magical moment that will never be.

moment in time4


images: http://www.flickr.com




31 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. Oh how I love that first illustration of red and black splashes of paint! So quaint and dainty! Very classy, unlike any other!

    A beautifully glum poem! A magical moment that will never be, but that one moment in time will linger forever in their hearts! Half a loaf of bread’s better than none right?! Double thumbs up Doc, its got just the right amount of gloom, so wonderfully concocted! LOOL


      1. Hahahahahaha! So true that Doc! I still think they’ll cherish that moment than banish it altogether though! I know I would! Its almost the same as saying better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all! I think! *shrugs*


          1. I know love lost’s a nightmare and I’m certainly not wishing for that to befall me or any for that matter! But its just what it is! Better to have been there and done that than not to have been there at all!


              1. Sometimes! Not always! I mean, rather than for a person to be a totally blank and empty page or sheet, I’d rather have a few scribbles or scrawlings on! At least that’d afford me the chance to relive memories and tell tales of the fondest of them all! And that will definitely bring a smile on to my face than having not a single story to relay! That’s what life is! The whole idea of life and life happens to all and sundry! You know!


                  1. Oh C’mon Doc, don’t be soo caustic! Like sands passing through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives! This notion oftentimes is employed in describing our lives. Also common is that which presupposes that our destinies are written down and documented by the Higher Power in a book! We also hear ’bout ‘ opening or turning over of new chapters in our lives, or even closing old ones! Ever heard of ‘tearing ink-blotted chapters’ of our lives?! I mean, C’MON! Get a grip! Jeez! *SMH* LOOL


                    1. Ya think?! Aren’t we being a tad bit grumpy?! Loosen up Doc, life’s beautiful! Live and savour it! LMAO!


                    2. And what guarantees are there that you wouldn’t get your heart broken, ei?! Just live your life and take several chances while you still can! Break a leg! Not literally! You never know where fate might just lead you and you may never know if you don’t take any chances! And you know what else?! There’s only one life and that life itself is a risk, plus risks were made for taking! Init?! LOL


                    3. oh yeah? some risk are not worth taking…that is where science comes in…mathematical models of predicting love and estimating risk and probability of being heart broken…you go into it armed to the tooth…don’t gonna leave anything to cruel antilove Fate sisters


                    4. Fine! Some risks are not worth taking but life’s a risk none has any other choice but to take! Whether we like it or not! So you see! You aint getting outta this one, mathematics, integration, calculus et al! LOL


                    5. Hmm. Choices, chances we’re saying the same things! In order to take a chance, that’s synonymous to a choice having being made! You really are one very tough cookie Doc, a very hard nut to crack! Nothing’s changed I see! *shakes head* LMAO!


                    6. No No No! it is making a choice not to take a chance for my heart to be heart broken…to leave the sheet of paper looking fresh and beautiful and absolutely no paper spoiling love lost


                    7. Hahahahahahahaha! You’re really delightfully impossible! And I just dig it when you launch into ’em terrible temper tantrums! You sizzle! *SMH* ROTFLMAO!


                    8. really? name calling now huh? no more steam to continue your advocacy for plunging into heartbreaks and love lost? your quiver devoid of arguments?


                    9. Course not! Look at it this way, it’d be a pretty waste of time to continue on in this line of argument! Besides, I’ve already made my points! So, this is where I draw the curtain on this convo! Do well to ponder on those valid points I made, will ya?! You just never know! They may actually come in handy and save a life! *winks* LMAO!


      1. Oh Amity4, I’m totally bowled over, bursting several moves amidst doing a split(best believe it) and blushing up several storms too! This is so humbling, thank you soo much! Topazo’s writings is well able to bring out the best in one and I just bask in the beauty that’s his mind! He’s the absolute bestest! *laughs*

        I sneaked a peek at your blog and I came up with an alias for you dear. You’re the one I’d gleefully refer to as the ‘Quaint and Dainty China’! You know, you ooze a certain class xteristic of fine porcelain, like china! I beheld those amazingly artistic pencil-like sketches and I went ‘awesomely, spectacularly unique’ and that’s besides your poems! Gurl are you mighty gifted! The Doc tells me you drew ’em yourself and I just gushed! You’re amazing and you rock pieces! Thanks again! *hugs* LOOL


        1. You leave me speechless or wordless.

          You are good with words.

          I can just imagine your pretty eyes dancing playfully as you type… and your heart warming smile too…

          Don’t mind me, i see you in my mind eyes.
          Thank you so much .๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜˜


          1. Awww! Now you’re most definitely gonna make me shed sweet tears of joy overflowing. I’m mighty humbled and plenty flattered! And don’t you dare mention too, its just what it is! You’re amazingly awesome through and through! And your pencil-sketch illustrations are phenomenal! Thanks for this girlfriend, so endearing and my heart’s gladdened. *more hugs* LOL


  2. I so love this yemie – topazo discourse. Two sides of a coin.
    I agree with yemie though. Sometimes you don’t even choose to love… you just catch yourself loving. And it can be beautiful.


    1. And I so love your point of view too ‘labimpe dearie, you’re so right on the money! Love happens oftentimes and catches one off-guard! I’m living proof and I know! Plus, beautiful is an understatement! Its surreal! Thanks dearest and a very Happy Sunday to you! God bless ya. *hugs* LOOL


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