It is not of the bone,

Nor of aching muscles,

It is something deeper,

In a place where the hands

Cannot reach to massage with

Liniments and oils;

This ache is heart deep,

This weariness has its hold,

Firmly around the mind

And has refused to let go.




6 thoughts on “Lassitude

  1. Wowzer! Will you just look at that! Its like looking into a mirror, this masterpiece! This is the exact sinking feeling I felt lately! Weariness of mind, lacking the will and zeal to do zilch, just wanting to be left alone to wallow in God knows what! I practically hit rock bottom, an all time psychological low! Physical pains are so much easier to treat than some abstract, intangible and ‘unseen-but-can-be- seriously-felt’ pesky pain that deadens one and will plain just not go away! Nice one Doc, I can so relate, its almost eerie! *laughing*


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