I still love you

i still love you1

I still love you,

Though you be far,

In my heart you are near

Enough for me to hold

Feel and touch.

i still love you5

I still miss you,

Every moment of every day;

I cannot tell you,

But if you listen to the silence,

You will hear the whispers of

My heart.


I still dream about you

And the passion that we shared;

The flame burns bright

In the world where there are

No winds of fate to quench it;

I see us, and the way it should be.

i still love you3

I still feel you,

My skin tingles where

Your hands rested;

My palms speak

Of the softness of your body;

My shoulders crave

The weight of your head.



I still love you,

It is a burden

And a succor;

It is honey,

It is gall.


images courtesy http://www.flickr.com


23 thoughts on “I still love you

  1. Wow Doc, this is soooo beautiful! Bittersweet nonetheless! All the verses are endearing. I’m totally besotted with this piece! When it comes to composing masterpieces, you’ve got it! I’m in absolute awe of your abilities! Double thumbs up! Mwaah! Mwaah!! And more Mwaaaahss!!! *lauging*


  2. This is a really nice piece. And i love these lines Thermos. “I cannot tell you,

    But if you listen to the silence,

    You will hear the whispers of

    My heart.”
    And the last lines are lovely.


  3. Mushy Mushy, just the kind of thing I love to read. Funny thing is I been trying to write an ‘I miss you’ poem for a while now, ‘n it’s seeming all too sticky on some parts! Reading this was some sort of relief like ‘yeah! ‘Least someone not only feels what I feel but has the guts to write it!’ :D. Thanks for sharing. I love it!


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