Guilty Pleasures 5

He purred as he felt her warm lips against his skin, the hairs standing erect and bristling from the warm air from her nostrils.

‘What a way to greet the day’ he thought, sighing loudly as he surrendered to the sensual assault, his eyes shut.

Waves of pleasure cascaded down his torso from the right nipple where she was working her magic down to his loins where blood was rushing to and making him turgid and hot and down his legs where his toes were curling in delight.

Her hair tumbled forward and tickled him as they glided on his skin in tune to the movement of her head, further adding to the sensations coursing through his body.

He let out a guttural sound when her mouth found him and took him fully and his back arched up involuntarily. She was like a child devouring her favorite candy with relish.

‘Oh Rose’ He moaned softly, ‘I love you….love what you do to me’

The movement stopped.

He opened his eyes and looked up at a face contorted with rage and eyes narrowed to a slit, shooting daggers at him.

“What did you just call me?” her voice was icy cold

“I called you Rose…my rose” he drew out each word, and maintained a casual air belying the turmoil raging within and his frenzied heartbeat. “My rose…special, guarded jealousy by thorns so that only those who value her worth would go all out to have her”

Silence reigned for several seconds while she stared unblinking at him, and he resisting the urge to avert his eyes from her gaze, and berating himself for getting carried away as to mention another woman’s name.

She blinked rapidly and beamed.

He sighed and burst out laughing as she lunged at him, covering his face with kisses.

‘That was close’ he thought and turned her over on the bed


12 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures 5

  1. *sighs*. Everyday’s for the barawo, one day’s for the owner! You’ve got it coming player, and when it hits you; you’d wish you were never born! LOL

    A very well written piece! The graphic detailing of all the actions are so well captured and on point too! Could just visualize the scene playing out. A highly intriguing and captivating piece, Kudos Doc, you brought this!


      1. A voyeur?! What’s that even supposed to mean?! Aren’t we all?! Transiting in this world, I mean?! But then again, no matter how far off we travel, we always find our ways back home! Home’s where the heart is, where our treasures are founded and kept. So then jellybeans, this right here’s home and it feels good to be back! Am I forgiven then, as in is it working?! *eyelashes* LOOL


          1. Woohoo! Sound the alarm! Evasiveness rules and reigns supreme, as always! *sighs* You no dey tire for dis ya passtime ni?! Must be really tiring! Choi! Question, you no gree answer! I’m still left hanging here. Perhaps you’d like to answer the question now Doc! Whaddya say?! *Yimu*


              1. *sighs* Well then, this is where I cash in on ma chips and hit the highway! I recognise I’m grasping at straws here and that’s not a very good feeling! So long Doc, keep basking in that cluelessness of yours, it really looks mighty good on you! And before I forget, em…….never mind! *fuming*


  2. My oh my, that was a really close one. The guy is darn smooth. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hook up next with a female named Cynthia, cos how would he explain away that one? 🙂


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