For Tammy


Tis but like yesterday

After nine months of waiting,

Making plans and dreaming up

Images of how beautiful you’d be,

Loving you from the very first day I knew

Of your presence,

Relishing every moment as you grew,

Enduring the nights when it was

Hard to find a comfortable position to fall

Asleep and the several bouts of

Pains and discomfort; finding an inner

Peace and joy in the life growing within.

Years have passed since that first cry,

But the feelings you evoked as you took

In your first breath

Remains as strong as it was

The moment you made eye contact.

Heaven’s blessing you are, little

Darling and watching you grow strong

And healthy has been a delight which for many

Years to come I hope to bask in its wonder.



This poem is for Tammy, the sweetest little girl on earth, and the apple of her momma’s eye (Yemie.)

Wishing you many happy returns dear.

Lots of love and kisses.


20 thoughts on “For Tammy

    1. Wowzer! The ‘Writer’s Writer calls this beautifully- concocted masterpiece ‘clever’ and I couldn’t agree more! Thanks Walter, this means a lot coming from a Poet of your calibre and ranking! LOOL. *bear hugz*


  1. *shocked* Chai! Dis boy don finish me! Let me at him! Temitope Ogundare, you just wait till I get ma hands on you and I’m not playing! You sneaky you! Who does this?! For how?! *SMH*

    Don’t know how long you’ve been planning this grand gesture of yours for, but I’m totally done in! *teary-eyed* Gobsmacked will be putting mildly all of my rioting feelings at this point, but I’m absolutely, totally bowled over! Didn’t see this coming in a gazillion years! Thanks for this Doc, I feel deeply honoured and humbled, you don’t know the half of it! May the Good Lord bless, honour and surprise you in a mightily big way that would leave you breathless, dazed and heady just as He’s wont to doing, IJN Amen. Tamtam says thank you too and even better, she says to tell you that you’re the Bestest and I say that besides being the ‘Bomb Diggitty Dot Com’, you still Rock, Pieces! Merci Beaucoup! *grateful*


    1. Thanks amity 4 for the birthday tidings, I’m both honoured and humbled. God bless and keep you and your entire household IJN, Amen. Thanks again, hon. *bear hugs* LOL


    1. Hmm.. Kingsley the great, the humour-merchant himself, live and direct or should that be all the way live??! *laughing*. I’m pretty sure you know who the poem’s for, I doubt not! Poet Laureate??? Wow! That’s a very high praise and I do agree with you, completely! Thanks Kingz for the tidings, God bless and keep you and all of yours IJN, Amen! *bear hugz* LOOL


        1. Oh but of course I’m a Poet Laureate alright! Just as you’re my pride and joy like seriously??? Butt out Doc, take a hike! *straight-faced*.


            1. What can I say?! Forgive my indiscretion?! That moment when you realise you just ‘gbagauned’! A-w-k-w-a-r-d! Whatever, shit happens! LOOL


    1. And I say a very big Amen to that Senor Joe! Thank you so much, funny man! May your days be long, prosperous and filled with the blessings and goodness of the Lord on all spheres, in the land of the living IJN, Amen. I ‘ppreciate this a whole lot than you’ll ever know. Thanks again. *bear hugs* LOL


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