Drip… drip

Tiny drops of water

Slither down the faucet;


Tick, tock

Slowly, time passes

In seconds;


Little drops

Make a mighty ocean

And floods the house.



image used courtesy http://www.flickr.com


2 thoughts on “Teensy-weensy

  1. Wowzer! That’s a real beautiful title you coined for this thought-provoking piece, coolness!!! You know how sometimes we trivialise the seemingly little things forgetting that they have the potential of becoming huge if left untended to?! This beautiful poem got me thinking along those lines. Oftentimes, little things getting really big can be an absolute delight on the premise of maybe saving up bits of cash for a rainy day. That’s really dope! However, when a mountain’s made of a mole hill; during the course of an altercation, that’s pretty tacky! In this case, a ‘little’ issue’s blown wayyy outta proportions and if not quickly addressed, it escalates and gets outta hands! ‘Little’ things are anything but little, they’re a HUMONGOUS deal and needs to be carefully managed.

    Thanks for this Doc, you’re much too much and that illustration of the rippling blue waters is mesmerising! You do know how to pick out your illustrations, the artistically-inclined and ingenious Shrink! LMAO!


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