I.    Tempest



Another storm hits


II.  Block


No words

A riot in the mind


III. Cover



A broken heart


image used courtesy


2 thoughts on “Gloomsville

  1. Fancy coming in from Chisom’s blog where I read this beautifully sad article ’bout a friend of his, who lost his friend in the recent Abuja bombing; and then I get here and I’m confronted by ‘Gloomsville’ staring me right in the eye. These verses have got me thinking, so here goes: A TEMPEST is sweeping through and across the land, there’s a moment of INTERLUDE where all’s but quiet and seemingly calm and then from outta the blue, these faceless sociopathic, manic beasts rear their ugly heads and another STORM HITS! Shaking the nation to its very foundations!

    The citizenry’s left SPEECHLESS, VOICELESS! Befuddled! Our imaginations are running amok, minds running RIOTS! None knows who’s next on the death list, we’re left broken, shattered; a shadow of our former selves! Fear reigns supreme , with none to save!

    Amidst all of these, we still manage somehow to SMILE, plastic but what can we do??? We keep going, hopeful that help will come. We know that’s its always darkest before dawn but we wonder when the dawn will come or if we’d make it alive before the dawn breaks! Our country, once vibrant is nothing short of gloom! Nigeria’s the new ‘GLOOMSVILLE’! Our stark, cold, sad reality and all are left but BROKEN-HEARTED at the sad turn-out of events. God help and save Nigeria and may the happy days return in its full glory!

    A beautifully composed piece Doc, I expected nothing short of the brilliance that’s fast becoming second nature to you. Kudos!


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