Guilty Pleasures 4


Reality is a bitch.

I am jarred back forcefully to confront her as the sound of my phone penetrates my awareness as I wake up. I look at the phone and I stare at it for a moment.

“Hello” my voice is gruff and I cough to clear it.

“Are you sleeping at work?” the voice was soft, merry, teasing. An image form at the back of my mind, light brown eyes, oval face with a dimple and a wide smile. My heart skips a beat, stops and pick up pace. My hands are sweaty and I close my eyes.

What have I done? My mind screams and I feel the first pang of guilt take hold of my heart and squeeze.

“Are you there?” the voice brings me back. I try unsuccessfully to figure what she said.

“I didn’t get that” I say

“Are you alright?” concern has replaced the mirth.

She doesn’t deserve this.

“I am fine” I reply, adding a cheer to my voice “the network seems bad and I didn’t hear you well”

“I said, will you be coming home soon?”

“Yes” I look at my wristwatch and add “in an hour”

“Okay, drive safe” she says and disconnect. I sigh as I drop the phone and search around for my shorts trying to avoid the gaze I know are trained on me.

“I should go” I say and face her. She sighs and nods, her eyes never leaving mine. I see something in them that makes me go hot all over.

She leans forward and plants a kiss on my lips while her hand caress my chest flooding me with sensations of intense pleasure.

In that moment, everything else fades away.


6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures 4

  1. OHK! E don be! Better not to venture into certain ‘liaisons’ at all, cos getting out unscathed is not guaranteed! Its so much easier to learn and cultivate an habit than to ‘unlearn’ or undo such. This guy’s in too deep and it’d take God’s grace to salvage him now. For a bit, guilt washed over his being when it dawned on him the gravity of his betrayal but not for long, as he gave in again to his wild, untamed fleshly desires.

    Nice one Doc, the writing’s beauty in simplicity. Next, if you please Sir! Lol.


    1. Kingsley, please o…pardon my indiscipline…the stench is stinking to high heavens but you will have to take me as I am o…and keep coming and reading…



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