my like the ocean waves...roiling
my mind…blue like the ocean waves…roiling

My mind is blue

Like the ocean waters

Roiling, like the waves rising

And crashing in succession

Surging forwards and then

Receding backwards,

An ambivalent dance

Of joy and sorrow

Hope and despair

Laughter and tears;

A tempestuous storm

Raging and merciless

Fierce and unrelenting;

A force of destruction

That threatens to submerge

Within its depth

My fragile, weather beaten soul.

..its waves...threatening to drown within its soul
..its waves…threatening to drown within its depth…my soul the sea side...
reflections…by the sea side…


All images courtesy


4 thoughts on “Bluesy

  1. A masterfully composed piece! I love how the mind’s likened to the oceanic waves. That’s a pretty chaotic situation, kinda like one having mood swings! All of the lines and verses are so well thought-out, they make a whole world of sense, relate-able too as is with all of your pieces. That second to the last illustration depicting an oceanic wave in all of its glorious beauty’s breathtaking! A surfer’s haven for sure! Kudos Doc, you’ve got this in the bag! Whoop! whoop!! Lolz.


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