Whispers of Love


sweet whispers of your love...as my eye opens to a new day
sweet whispers of your love…as my eye opens to a new day

Sweet whispers of your love

Distilling like dew drops

On the flowers of my soul

As the day dawns,

Ere the sun shines

And my eyes open to a new day


Echoes of your tender mercies

Reverberating in the walls

Of my mind

As I glide along the day

Amidst the hustle and bustle

Humming the melody of your grace


the melodies of your grace and love....makes my heart soar and mouth sing...
the melodies of your grace and love….makes my heart soar and mouth sing…

The hum of your kindness

Softly stirring my heart

Into moans of delight and

Squeals of pleasure;

A bright sun that dispels

The gathering clouds


The words that you

Speak to me

Gives me strength

To face the day

And makes life worthwhile

Thank You Elyon.

your words...a whisper...a still small voice....lights up my day...
your words…a whisper…a still small voice….lights up my day…



All images used courtesy http://www.flickr.com



8 thoughts on “Whispers of Love

  1. Doc, the imageries you used in this piece is amazing! I’ll bet the Higher Power’s beaming with smiles, ‘blushing up a storm’ literally, and bursting into several moves! He inhabits our praises and these beautifully composed lines and verses both exhort and exalt Him in all of His Glorious and Magnificent Majesty! Definitely a keepsake for me. You best yourself everytime with each new post, and that Doc; is God-given! You were simply born to do this! Kudos!


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