To good men who are called Dad

Slayer of the dragon
Bringer of the bacon
The local machismo
The family dynamo
Chaser of the boogey man
The best man
In the world
Hero in every sense of the word
To fathers all over
On this day and all others


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8 thoughts on “To good men who are called Dad

  1. Bravo! I find this piece very dramatic and hilarious. The Father depicted here must be a Superhero of sorts. Super Pops Man to the rescue! The protector of the …..Ok, I’m stuck now and done goofing around! Doc, you watch too many fantasy and adventure flicks o. Slayer of the Dragon?! Hian! Movie buff! LMAO!

    Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers and expectant Fathers out there, who are worthy of being called ‘Fathers’, in the real sense of the word! You guys rock n rule! *winks* LOL


    1. you got the gist of the poem…to all good men who are (worthy to be) called ‘Dad’
      sadly not all men are.

      to that little girl and boy, the Father is a super hero, a dragon slayer, the one that makes the nightmares go away…the defender of the universe, the one who rocks their world, their protector….

      happy is the man, who achieves this status…


      1. Touche Doc, you’ve said it! And I have no doubts whatsoever in my heart of hearts that you’d make some really blessed bambinos, really happy and proud to have you as their dad someday! Happy Father’s Day Doc, You Rock n Rule Sooooo Much More! LOL


  2. Fatherhood is such a high calling, I loved this poem for depicting some of the qualities of a dad. It may appear as though they should be super men but I think it begins with an understanding of the office and a desire to be all this and more. I celebrate men who have risen to the office and continue to aspire to be better.
    In a generation that screams ‘Where are the fathers?’. I celebrate men that rise to the challenge in spite of their lack of fathers to inspire them. God bless you!!!


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