The Wedding


You knew that even as you said those vows that you were lying. Yes you love the woman that was standing in front of you, her brown eyes twinkling and her full lips curved in a smile, but your heart belonged to someone else. Someone who was seated in the second row from the front on the left side of the church auditorium, who was also smiling at you at that moment.

You knew that even as you were repeating the words after the pastor that you were making a huge mistake and you had to pause severally to ensure that you said the right name and not the name of the girl that you were picturing in your mind’s eye wearing a white gown and standing in front of you and not the sky blue guinea brocade that she was donning presently.

For a moment you toyed with the idea of walking away from the altar and from everything and boldly declaring your undying love for the one that has your heart, but just for a moment. You aren’t that cruel, you told yourself. So you sighed and resigned yourself to fate.

You smiled and leaned forward to kiss your bride. Unbidden, the image of another time, another kiss and another person flood your mind and you inhaled sharply. You shut your eyes tightly and forced the image out of your mind.

“I really do love you Bode”

Your eyes jerked open and you stared at your bride and blink. She was smiling at you and you managed a weak smile, more like a grimace. Then, your eyes strayed to the woman in blue but her attention was on the man beside her and she was smiling at him.

“I love you too Sade’’ you said and kissed your wife, your mind still reeling. You could not miss that voice, it had been etched in your head permanently and you had heard it unmistakably and it had said “I love you bode” or was it your mind playing tricks on you, you wondered.

You signed the marriage register amidst melodious songs from the famous church choir but you could not shake the heavy feeling in your heart as you signed yourself away to another person. You didn’t mind belonging to one person only not the one you were bonding yourself with.

You danced in front of the altar with your wife holding your left hand and plastered a smile to your face as family and friends came forward for the thanksgiving. She came forward too and your eyes never left her as she swayed and rocked till she was in front of you.

She caught your eyes then and a look registered on her face but you couldn’t place it. “I wish it was you standing by my side today, in front of our family and friends” you told her with your eyes. She jerked slightly, a movement barely visible and looked away.

As she hurried back to her seat, you wondered why things turned out the way they did.


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15 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Of course it is incomplete na, Doc. Who is that She, is she a friend to Bode or to Sade or just someone who happened to have been invited to the marriage? If the She is a friend of anyone of the couple, then there is a hookup somewhere — which I thought they should have somehow before this wedding day. It’s not easy, but surely, things can be changed even on the eve of the wedding.

    Also, if the She is just someone who had come on invitation, whom Bode has never seen before now, then I say that Bode is a thief. An olójúkòkòrò!


    1. Lol @ olojukokoro…

      well, those questions you raised are the parts left to the reader’s imagination…different readers, different stories in their mind. isn’t that fun?


  2. This feels complete in many respects o… Nice story. One of those things that we pray we never get to witness or have as our cross. May the heavens be kind.
    Nice one!


  3. *gobsmacked* Jeez! Who walks into a liaison, wide-eyed with the love of another weighing so heavily on his mind??? Who does that crap??? Its not like a gun’s pointed to his head to do likewise! Is this borne out of a sense of duty to his country or family, some sorta ‘honour’ thingy or a bethrothal, where he walks into a blindspot and does as he’s ‘expected’ to do?! This is pretty sad! Who sacrifices his whole life and chances at happiness, by setting himself and his ‘clueless bride’ up for a disaster of monumental proportions such as this? I can’t help but cringe at the white lies he’s telling through his teeth as he renders his vow! The heart of man’s desperately wicked, who can fathom it??? *sighs*

    I know enough to know that the beautiful institution of marriage does not thrive on love alone. I’ve been married for a while and I KNOW firsthand that love’s just NOT enough! Marrying a person who knocks you off of your feet, blows your sockz off and rockz your entire universe like no tomorrow’s simply NOT enough! So this ‘sham’ that’s WITHOUT love, the BASIC requirement; which is not enough STILL; is just soooo WRONG and already doomed! Marriage is serious business, as serious as eternity, and none should be caught dead in the sorry state this couple finds themselves. *SMH*

    Thumbs up Doc, I totally dig the smooth progression this highly touching piece took. Your ingenious at capturing real feelings came to bare, one would think you were right at the center of the whole shenanigan, as you do with all of your pieces. You do good fooling folks with your fictitious works that it appears so real, like you’re writing from your personal experiences. At least, even though I hate to admit it, I’ve been fooled wella; a couple of times and that, I must say; is very commendable. Carry on soaring! LOL


    1. Thanks Yemi, I know that must have been hard for you, admitting I fooled you more than once…

      You will be shocked at the vast number of people who do not marry the people they wished they got married to…

      parental pressures, sense of duty, commitment to a cause, and just the general unfairness of life…how they handle it makes the difference. if you have made a vow to another to love and cherish and stand by him/her, you had better try like hell and make good on the promise…and if you fail, you can say with all confidence that you gave your best…


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