Standing at the threshold of time,
All is quiet,
The noise is a distant world away.

My mind floats and revolves
Around its own orbit
In a timeless and weightless space;

Here, laws do not hold sway,
Gravity’s powerless.
My mind is an entity,

Distinct and different,
A persona separate
From the rest of me,

Hovering around the edge
Of sanity
Beyond reason

And rational thought;
It flies free of the bounds
Of convention and settles

In the nether region of the irrational
Just shy of the limitations
Of rules.

It breathes and lives
Off the nectar of



Images used courtesy of google and flickr



2 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. I’m absolutely in love with this masterpiece, Doc. You know how the English will say ‘one’s mind’s taken flight’ or perhaps that ‘one’s lost one’s mind’??? This beautiful piece, makes really clear to me those idioms: ‘My mind’s an entity, distinct and different; a separate persona from the rest of me’. Those words reiterate what I just said. They’re deep and very insightful! Shows the apparent dislocation, of the mind from the rest of the body. You really took your time on this one and did a terrific job too. Kudos!

    I also dig the use of ‘Spatial Physics’, space, time, gravity, orbits et al, that you employed in shedding more light on the concept of insanity, that’s very cool! Your ‘scientific’ side came to bare, on full display. Plus, the illustration of the creative mind, the social misfit; in the form of a mad and eccentric scientist in a strait-jacket. That brought everything perfectly together! Double thumbs up Doc, this reeks of ingenuity through and through! Whew! *catching ma breath* #drops mic. LMAO!


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