Scent of water

There was a tree,
Growing wild and free,
Waxing strong and luxuriant
Lush and vibrant.

It was the pride of the forest;
A haven of rest,
It provided a shelter from the heat
And succor for the aching feet.

It was sturdy and strong,
Brought comfort and was sung
In praises by all;
It stood majestic and tall.

And then it was no longer green,
It began to lose all its sheen;
Its leaves started to wither
And its strength falter.

Slowly, it began to rot,
Its branches fell, and brought
Tears to many who watched with dread
As the mighty tree fell to the earth, dead.

The heavens were silenced
And wept for days on end,
The earth groaned in pain
And soaked up the rain.

But that was not the end,
A new beginning was just after the bend;
At the scent of waters, life was birthed
Out of the stump of the dead tree, a tiny shoot sprouted.


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  1. Yemie says:

    Awesomeness! This just asserts what the Good Book says that unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it cannot live again! Except well, in this case, a whole tree actually fell but I’ll bet its roots were still well in place! Lolz

    Doc, this is so pleasantly different and the writing’s phenomenal! Plenty Wowzers!!! LOL

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Yemi, I am glad you like this…
      The inspiration for the poem was from a bible verse that comforts me when I am down
      ” There is a hope for a tree, if it is cut down…yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.”(Job 14:7-9)

      P.S I gave you a happy poem…so don’t be complaining about gloomie…lol

      1. Yemie says:

        Touche! That verse it is that inspired my response too. Double thumbs up!

        Well, we’ll just have ta wait and see how long it’d take before ‘good ole’ Gloomie makes an appearance, wouldn’t we now? And I can guarantee too that he’s only just ’bout the next post away, not too far at all! He couldn’t possibly be gone for too long, nah; not in his nature! #fingerscrossed# *Yimu* LMAO!

        1. topazo says:

          lol…I know you miss gloomie….deny it all you want

          1. Yemie says:

            And that’s just the response I needed to render void your gloatings of giving me a happy piece! Gloomie’s here alright, he just couldn’t resist the temptation of making an appearance! I gave him too much credit that perhaps, he’d keep away till the next post. Was playing devil’s hide actually, courting the idea that he’d REALLY stay away! Who was I fooling??? *straight-faced* LMAO

            1. topazo says:

              Lol….gloomie be chilling and you gonna be disturbing it ehn….

              1. Yemie says:

                Aint noone disturbing nobody! Gloomie’s always been here, he never went nowhere, so put a suck in it Gloomie and well, just go away as in far far away! As faraway as Neverland or even better, to the land of Far Far Away! Shooooo! I’m outta here! ROTFLMAO

  2. James Melbin says:

    This, I say, is so nice, (with emphasis on the ‘so’) and excellent! Pardon me, I’m motivated to do a little copycat, for, seriously I love this poem.

    Seasons come and go.
    This law, I believe,
    Is what this tree obeys.

    While the earth was dry of water,
    Despised of the tears of heaven;
    The tree’s green fade, for
    From the tears the heaven shed
    It seeks a means to live.

    But when the time came
    And the heaven finds
    His reason to cry;
    The tree that was dying
    Recieved life and it’s face,
    Once again, was painted
    In the leafy-green color
    That use to adorn it.

    1. topazo says:

      wow…lovely poem this is James, and to think it was done spontaneously!

      thanks for your high praise… I am really overjoyed.. thanks!

      say, would you mind doing a guest post here? a poem maybe?

  3. James Melbin says:

    Seriously, No!; I wouldn’t mind, its my pleasure! I hope I’ll be able to writeup something worthwhile.

    1. topazo says:

      I trust that you shall, and I know my readers will love it. so, please let me know when you have something for me

      1. James Melbin says:

        I’ll do some modification on the short poem I dropped in my first comment and use it for my blog. May I?

        1. topazo says:

          yes you may…

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