God, my father, my closest friend

I find this prayer, simple yet profound. it is sincere and very touching….it did touch me as I read it and I hope it does touch you too

sheetal sharma


There are so many things I don’t know
There are so many faults I have…
There are times I loose my calm.
Yet you always caress me as a child.

I make mistakes but you always take care.
You are my armor and my light.
Arms that hold me at my weakest are yours.
when everyone else annoys me ,I annoy you,
Often questioning and demanding proof.

Dear God, my father, my closest friend
always be with me.For it is only you I seek
You are my journey and destination
So often I whisper Help me !
Rarely I say Thank you….
But I know you are aware-
your voice in my heart is
the secret assurance that….
You listen to my thoughts
In quietness you are my confidence
In the commotion you are my confidant

A galactic leap forward away from desires
to embrace you and unlock the doors…

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4 thoughts on “God, my father, my closest friend

  1. Each of us has the means to be able to come to Christ when he or she is willing to open the arms to others and show forgiveness to others first, like Christ Jesus also had his arms wide spread to receive all sinners.
    In Christ Jesus we have found a man who was willing not to do his own will but the will of his Father in heaven. We too should come only to be willing to do the Will of that Father of Jesus Who is also our Father, to Whom we should pray often like Jesus also did regularly. In Him (the Father of Jesus, Jehovah the Only One God) we should trust.


  2. Lovely piece and very relate-able especially the part that addresses questioning and demanding proof! What can I say?! Our weaknesses are made perfect in His strength, which is what makes Him the Omnipotent One, we can always lean on in our perfect imperfections as the mortals that we are! Kudos to the writer, this is a wow piece!


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