Sweaty palms

Thumping heart

A wisp of your smell



Bobbing throat,

Dry mouth,

From just a touch;


Aching groin,

Deep cravings,

As you burrow deep,

Nestle and wrap your arms

Around me.


Feelings tender and warm

Honey, sweet and smooth

And yet bitter and twangy

Vinegar and myrrh


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4 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. All I see is RED! Wow, no words! What are you now a Chef, Doc?! Opening up this page and being greeted by that scrumptious looking chocolate cake with strawberries atop’s delightfully alluring! Ok! I’m done gushing ’bout the delicacies! This should be ’bout the verses, right?! LOL

    Bittersweet, sweet n sour; this is got just about the right amount of ‘Zing’ and it sizzles! A brilliant job you did of capturing feelings elicited by one’s beloved. Saucy and naughty but oh soo spot on, Doc! Plenty Kudos! LMAO!


  2. Ah, the cake got you salivating right? That’s bittersweet right there….you can’t have what you are longing for…

    Thanks for the high praise… passion is always red hot! it can warm the heart and can burn a wound deep on the heart as well…


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