Path of Death

The path of the dead
That I tread
Is one that I dread;
One that like a thread
Weaves the soul in a web of red;
A table full of wine, bread
And dainties, to dull the edge
Just enough to lay the head
On ample bosoms, a bed
Of thorns and sorrows fed
Fat and vicious; they shred
In pieces the soul with fangs bared

All images courtesy

19 thoughts on “Path of Death

  1. Hmmm…breathtaking! This is the ‘ish, Doc! I’m totally enamoured by this piece! I love the rhythmic flow of each of the lines. You outdid yourself on this one! And the illustration of the fiery redhead with a full head of hair’s simply captivating and mindblowing! That bright red’s so in sync with the whole bloody mess! Double thumbs up! *standing ovation* lolz


          1. You’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me! This must be my lucky day! Doc, I suspect you, what’s the catch?! *straight face*


              1. Ok now, if you’re sure! Let’s revert back to guilty pleasures 1 shall we! Give me the whole low down of dirty on that piece as I positively asked you to a while back. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? This should be VERY interesting. *giggling*


                1. hmmm…interesting.
                  it is a work of fiction…I was watching a movie (can’t remember the name now) when the idea dropped into my head and while writing I decided to make it a flash fiction.
                  the idea is to paint a picture of passion between two people who are committed to other people and the allure of having an affair


                  1. Aww! You’re such a sport! Was looking for a ‘juicier’ story though, but hey, this will do just fine! Thanks Doc, Rock on! LMAO!


    1. Oh come off of it Doc, don’t be like that! What kinda friend would I be if I sat back, eyes wide opened and allowed for the fate that befell the proverbial cat to befall you ei?! However shall I live with myself?? I’d die a gazillion and one deaths over and over again! That’d be sheer gruesome! I guess what I’m trying ta say’s that aint no cold chance in hell that I’m saying jack! So, suck it up! LMAO!


        1. Isn’t it ironic though that this beautiful composition’s titled ‘Path of Death’? And here we are, talking ’bout the tragic fate that befell the proverbial cat and now you, who incidentally also is courting death with that death wish of yours?! #Spooked out

          Here’s the thing though, if I do answer you and squeal; the dire consequences of jumping off of a cliff will still very much result, maybe with a few or zero bodily trauma. So then, take the plunge! At least, it won’t be said that I had anything to do with it, would it??? *Yimu* LMAO


          1. either ways you will still be at the center of it, either by your actions or inaction.
            should you squeal, I could have closure and choose not to die anymore…
            the choice is yours


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