I was up but now
I am down;
I was free then,
But not anymore;
I am bound by an
Invisible cord;
A slave to
A prisoner of
Cruel fate;
Tossed about on
The waves of
Unbridled affections,
Wandering the desert
Of unsated desires;
Lost and hopeless,
Parched and starving;
Wilting slowly
Under the fury
Of the gods;
Slowly dying
In bits and pieces.


all images courtesy


5 thoughts on “Bound

  1. *sighs* Here we go again! This surreal piece is sooo painfully sad (no surprises there)! I must give it to you Doc, you’ve got a way with words that’s just fascinating! I’m blown away sky high by every line of this beautiful but tragic monsterpiece! The imageries used are scintillating! Kudos Sir, this was so well executed, I adore it a lot! Lolz


      1. Crying sha! Hmph! Quit goofing around Gloomie, it aint cute! I’m desperately trying to ignore and look beyond the toxin you’re spreading, because whether you like it or not; herein lies a beauty of great magnificence. Ironic innit?! And that Doc, is what I CHOOSE to see! So back off already! *straight-faced*


          1. And why are you crying wolf now?! You shot yourself on the foot upon admitting in your first response to me that this beautifully tragic piece is spreading gloom didn’t you?! See just how easy you played yourself! Tough luck Doc! You know what?! Just plain deal with it and stop whining! LMAO!


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