For a Friend


for a friend3

I wish I had the ears of God,
Then I would be able to whisper
The exact words that you need
Into your ears

I wish I had the power to make
All your pains go away
And set you free from the shackles
Of hurt and sadness

for a friend4

I wish I could be all
That you want me to be
But all I have is a hug
A smile and a kind word.

“you will be fine”

for a friend1 for a friend2


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9 thoughts on “For a Friend

  1. Coolness! Such inspiring and touching words of this are truly capable of giving succour and lifting a broken spirit. What can I say, disappointments of life are inevitable, however, staying and remaining discouraged is purely by choice! May your friend find true healing and be greatly comforted IJN, Amen. These illustrations though, cuteness and sweetness! Well done! Lolz


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