Come to me
Come and feed me
I am hungry
Only for you.


33 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Hmmmm…. let me keep this short and simple! Wowzer! I just love the sheer brazenness of this delightful piece, Kudos Doc! LOL


      1. I’m proud of him alright! Would be ‘prouder’ though if he lets on some more information. So, what does ‘he say? Yay or nay?! *giggling*


                  1. What’s not strange is our being right back to where we started, ‘Evasion 101! You’ve managed to evade two questions now. Damn Doc, however do you do it?! *SMH*


                    1. What was that?! Did someone, anyone; just say something, anything?! *straining my ears*. Hmm….I thought not! Psst!


                    2. Deaf?! Hardly! Let’s just say I’ve rightly chosen to ignore you! I hear you loud and clear, don’t get it twisted! Ya heard?! LMAO!


                    3. *scoffing* Huh! What art thou feeling like?! I guess this is the part where I do this…..Hahahahahahaha! You really are full of ‘it’ Doc! Like REALLY!


                    4. I give a hoot?! Yeah, sure! I just remembered you’re clairvoyant! *Yimu* So long Gloomie; I’m outta here! Cheers!


    1. Touche! I almost included in my comment that the ‘big dawg’ himself would soon make an entrance and what do you know?! Enters Eze himself in all of his glory! Big Oops! ROTFLMAO!


        1. Huh! I was wondering when you’d speak up Walter! I already made a distinction nah! You’re Eze’s Spokesperson, aren’t you?! *Yimu* LOL


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