He picked up the phone for the umpteenth time and stared at her face. Her lips was set in a pout and coated in a bright red lipstick and her big brown eyes had a faraway look in them, like she was looking beyond the camera to another place.

He sighed and closed his eyes as he put the phone down. His heart had picked up pace, like they always did whenever she was around him. He marveled at how a single picture could elicit such reaction from him.

If only he could have her, he thought, a mixture of longing and sadness.

He sat still for several minutes, savoring the memories that washed over him. They comforted and tormented him, fanning the flames of longing into an inferno of yearning and need.

He picked the phone again and scrolled to her number and his hand hovered over the call button. What would happen if he dialed her, and told her all he felt? He thought. Perhaps she would feel the same way or maybe she would have moved on. He was afraid of the former, and with a sigh, he dropped the phone.

“This is hard” he muttered.

Why do you suffer yourself so? A voice boomed in his head.

“Because it is the right thing to do” he replied, smiling at the absurdity of it. Here I am talking to myself, I am finally losing it. He chuckled at the thought. Or maybe not, I could be my own shrink, just like in that movie “Mental”.

You brought this upon yourself. The voice was back.

“I know”

So what are you going to do about it?

“I don’t know”

What do you mean you don’t know? The voice was high pitched now, bordering on hysterical.

He cringed. “I mean I don’t know” he held himself from screaming. Oh, I am even considering screaming at a voice that is in my head. I must be loony. It doesn’t matter.

I think you should tell her. The voice cooed.

“No. I can’t”

Can’t or won’t? For a minute he could picture a face, with an eyebrow raised. He smiled, a self-deprecating smile.

“They are one and the same” he replied

Then there was silence. He was not prepared for the overwhelming feeling of sadness that enveloped him and tears sprang into his eyes. He shut his eyelids tightly to stop them.

“God, I am a mess!” he muttered, shaking his head. He was falling apart and there was nothing he could do about it.

His phone began to ring. He picked it up and looked at the screen.


longing love hurts

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14 thoughts on “Lovelorn

  1. *bursting several moves*. This one ended happily! She called! She actually did call! He was acting all Chicken Lichen and then she manned up and called! LMAO!

    Wow Doc, this is soo beautifully written! I enjoyed it so very much! I loved the part he was soliloquizing, hilarious and loony; indeed! You rocked this piece, absolutely! I totally dig it! Lolz


          1. Misquote you bawo? Read through the piece na. If you didn’t imply that he’s a Chicken Lichen; then tell me what you implied! Set me straight me, Sir! *Yimu*


            1. More like he was struggling with right and wrong…and he was thinking about her all the while. Would what he wanted cause her more agony and such thoughts…
              Have I cleared the air?


              1. Oh you have, indeed! Don’t blame me though, blonde moments happens to even the smartest, most intelligent of us, no?! Thank goodness I’m not beyond redemption, what would I have done?! What woulda become of em?! *panic stricken*. Thanks Doc for saving me, you’re far too kind! *rolling my eyes for dayz* LMAO!


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