Poetry Title Contest


Hello fabulous readers! I just realized that I just had my first fan contest and I am so excited. Hey, don’t you laugh at me (yes, you), I am just a small time blogger. Luckily, I had a veteran blogger, Walter of the MMS blog participate in the contest and somehow, his expertise showed in the selection of a title.

Okay, before I spill the beans, I want to appreciate everyone that participated. You guys rock! (Now superfan, Yemie, is rubbing off on me!)

Like I promised, the first commenter on the poem “Untitled” gets a special something. The first commenter was Jerome and he wins an airtime to any network of his choice. So, Jerome, send me an email with the preferred network you want the airtime.

Now to the top three titles.

In deciding the appropriate title, I tried to analyze what the poem was all about. The poem is about God always present, having the poet’s back. He always shows up when things seems to have spiraled out of control and doom is inevitable, and saves the day.

Yemie’s ‘Because of you’ adds a certain beauty to the poem:

“…and everything begins to look up (because of you)

Things change and you come through for me…”

But it did not really capture the whole essence of the poem.

La Velata’s ‘Right on time’ is another beautiful title that finds its way beautifully into the poem:

“…that is when you show up (right on time)

And everything looks up…”

It suggests that God allows things get so bad and at the time when we think nothing can be done, He shows up, to prove His power to change all things and nothing is impossible with Him. Whenever He shows up is the right time. He shows up right on time, at the nick of giving up and calling it quits.

Walter’s ‘And then, there you were’ seems to sit right in the middle of the poem. If you read the poem from the beginning

“When everything is falling apart…..and all I am is a hollow,

(And then there you were)

And everything looks up….”

And then there you were, having my back…and then there you were, saving me, time and again…

And it sounds dramatic, like one minute, the poet is alone and the next God is there and the poet could exclaim “there you are!” and He replies “I am here, things will begin to look up now…” and when everything is right again, He winks and says “I have your back, always!”

The title paints a picture clearly of what the poem is all about. It has therefore emerged as the winner.

Like I said earlier, Walter is a veteran blogger and prolific writer and his expertise could be seen in his crafting of a killer title. He is a master wordsmith.

Congrats Walter!

The poem title is going to be changed and a footnote added to acknowledge Walter’s contribution.

Thank you all for your support and comments. I am looking forward to more.




7 thoughts on “Poetry Title Contest

  1. Yayyyy! The one I aptly describe as the ‘Writers Writer’ and Bloggers Blogger’ emerges winner. Not surprised at all! Congratulations Walter, you did terrifically well! And to my Awesome Poet, the one I like to call the ‘Heartbreak Specialist aka Gloomie’, he who’s got the singular ability to churn out the most romantic lines ever as well as the saddest, most solemn masterpieces this part of the Sahara; I say, thanks for this! Y’all Rock Pieces! Mwaah! LMAO!


  2. Heartbreak Specialist aka Gloomie… Lol. Oh Yemie, now that is a very apt name for our dear Topaz.
    Gracias buddy. Winning does feel good, on whatever platform it happens. And I’m glad I participated in this. Keep up the good work, Gloomie. 🙂


    1. Dear Walter, I hope you are not going to join Yemie in her mischievous campaign of tagging me ‘Gloomie’.
      Thanks for your support and readership.


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