ghost of girlfriend past…reappearing at the oddest of time!


There is a ghost in the room
It hovers, at the far reaches
Of my mind’s eye,
Threatening the serenity
Of this beautiful moment
And dampening the heat of passion-

A cold wind from the Artic
Numbing the senses to the sensations
Evoked from deft hands and lips;
A brake in the wheels
Disrupting the synchrony
Of the rhythm of nature’s oldest dance.

There is a ghost in the room.
Images of another,
Galloping in ecstasy
Clouding my vision;
A reminder of a happier time
And a sad end.


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5 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. Hmmm….the ‘ex’ effect, a real deal breaker! A mind boggling showstopper for sure! LMAO!

    Doc, love the smooth symphony and rhythmic flow of this piece, every verse is so surreal. I still dunno how you think up these brilliant concepts chronicling real life issues. One thing of which I’m pretty certain’s your apparent ingenuity. Awesomeness!


    1. awww…thanks yemie.
      Exes ehn…they can really threaten current relationships o….especially if things get a little bumpy or not as sweet as the former…


      1. And you of all people will know that, wouldn’t you now?! See! I don’t call you the original ‘sabi’ boy for nought! I’m sooo right on the money! Touche! *laughing*


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