Dark Room

dark room

It is dark all around,

Orange glows from the safety lights


Time does not exist here

The world is this sanctuary;

The light is aeons away

Shut out-

A far away galaxy.

Here beauty is god,

And has many faces:

The innocence of the smiling boy

With gaps where the teeth are missing;

The faraway look on the tired wayfarer;

The frown creasing the brow

Of a concerned mother;

The joy on the girl happily skipping.

Pain and grief,

Happiness and pleasure,

All woven in an intricate fibre

Against the backdrop of nature-

Green and blue and violet;

But now all is gray,

On thin strips

Immersed in the liquid;

Initiated in a well honed

Ritual, well mastered

Yet requiring focus and

Every ounce of determination;

Not a step is missed

And the end result is perfection.



6 thoughts on “Dark Room

  1. ‘And the end is perfection’, the last line reads just like this very piece. This is exceptional, Doc. Your love for photography which I saw on Seun Odukoya’s blog ’bout your passion for that art shines oh so true and yet, through this wow piece. I’m I rambling?! I should ramble on some more. This is outstanding, one of my best of all of your pieces. This is an ‘overkill’, absolutely. *cowtowing* LOL


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