Bring back our girls


Bring back the girls
They are precious jewels
not sex slaves
To be holed up in caves
To sate the carnal desires
Of insatiable self proclaimed messiahs.

Bring back the girls
Let’s not have to guess
What cruel fate
And horrible state
They are subjected to.

Bring back the girls
And end the pain
Of mothers- keep them sane
Save the fathers
Whose heart are as feathers.

Bring back the girls
Restore peace to our land
Let the hurricane of terror and
Chaos be a thing of the past
Let joy and hope litter our path.

Bring back the girls
They are our sisters
They are our daughters
They are our mothers
That will shape the future.


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Kip says:

    I’m with you all the way.

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Kip…let’s lend our voice to end this dastardly act

  2. Yemie says:

    Wow! Doc, this is really touching and all’s been kept on edge all over, globally because of this vile and totally inhumane act. Thanks for this masterpiece and for lending your voice to this just course. That final verse did it for me absolutely, moved me to tears. May those babies return back home to their loved ones in one piece and may the Good Lord comfort their families too IJN, Amen.

    1. topazo says:

      I say a big Amen to that.
      Writers are agents of social change and we mustn’t keep quiet on this issue
      Thanks for your support

  3. cherish says:

    We can’t begin their fate…I pray they come home soonest

  4. olu moses says:

    hmmnn God bless u sir,dis is goslpely and emotional heart piecing…sir …kindly allow me dramatised this to the world,my heart grieves,oh God of venganace fight for us

    1. topazo says:

      thanks for your kind words. feel free to share

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