I stand at this all familiar threshold

And look ahead at the travails

And anguish


A place I hoped not to be

And storms I prayed never to weather



A place of pain and tears

Dark days and dreary nights

And heart that bleeds


Longing and yearning

And the embrace of emptiness

The echo of sorrow


I swore never again to return

Where all is hollow

Never again to be heartbroken.


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27 thoughts on “Again

        1. incidentally, I just stumbled on our chats on one of my poem “Dance with me” where you did not believe that I was heartbroken but rather in love! you even dismissed claims that I was a “heartbreak specialist”.
          so what changed?


  1. So, since coming across this heart-wrenching piece, my mind’s been doing a double take; pondering on the title and some of the letterings of this masterpiece. First, ‘Again’. Is it as in NEVER again?! The implication of this to me is that the narrator’s given up all hope of perhaps falling in love and finding that one special person that will complete him and make him whole again. Relationships usually are a 50/50% chance of success or failure, so if a person says never again, then maybe he’s resolved to stay single and not take another chance at love. Plus, that last caption’s sweet but so scatter-brained! Typical, I might add! *RME*

    Once again, you live up to the title of the original ‘sabi’ boy, Doc Gloom(all credits to Burna Boy for that delightful phrase), well done! Let’s have some more if you will. Lolz


    1. Again, how do you know the narrator is a ‘he’?
      the theme is not about “never again!’ but “Again?!”
      like, ‘I am here again? in this place of being broken hearted…where I have tried to prevent myself from coming to….how did it happen?’
      now you are asking for more?! Yes! Finally, you have crossed over to the, I mean gloomy side. Lol


      1. How do I know he’s a he?! Let’s see, hmmm…….I know things! And you’re oh so wrong ’bout me crossing over to the dark side. I’m only employing reverse psychology here, call it sarcasm and you wont be so far from the truth. Afterall, i’ve appealed to you a gazillion and one times to cross over to the bright side and you’ve stubbornly refused to play ball. So i say, ride on bro; nothing dey happen! Plus,I’m much too much for gloom. Gloom simply cannot handle my person, no way Jose!


          1. And I say give me a freakin’ break, buddy, you’re soo not making no sense right now. But I give it to you though, I always find it very difficult to cry, but since coming on board this gloomy heaven, its been smooth sailing all the way. Whenever I need to get into my elements of crying an ocean, all I do is just come here. Thank Doc, but for you, that feat woulda been near impossible. God bless your gloomy heart! *grateful*


              1. Did you just ask me a rhetorical question? Do not let thy heart be shattered into shreds dear Sir, I daresay that you’re just living up to your calling of writing fantastically gloomy masterpieces and helping free spirits like me to reflect and ponder on certain things, especially when I’m in dire need of letting up steam. So give yourself a huge pat on the back Dr Gloom, You Rock my world of gloom like no tomorrow! And please, don’t stop on my account o, I need some more of your ingenious sad, solemn and blue pieces. Bring ’em on! *Yimu


              2. Did you just ask a rhetorical question?! C’mon don’t beat yourself silly ’bout it and do not let thy heart be shattered into a gazillion shreds. The way I see it, this is your calling! You were simply born to do this for shizzie! You do these gloomy pieces so effortlessly well, without breaking a sweat. You’re a natural! So keep bringing ’em sad, blue and solemn pieces. I’m not complaining no more, infact, when are you posting the next one?! Cant wait! LMAO!


                1. I am officially announcing my retirement from this blog. I have no more will nor desire to continue…I am retiring to a local village to nurse my shattered shred of a heart inflicted by Yemie.
                  I will the blog and its content to her…


  2. *Yimu*. Blog that took you this long to build up to this stage and with the teeming number of beautiful folks following you and enjoying your gift and talent. You know that will be a death wish hinging on a death warrant, right?! Better quit jerking around plus I have no use for any blog other than to post my comment and be on my jolly way and this last comment of yours has just sparked off a ‘commenter’s block’ on my person. Thanks Doc, I appreciate!


  3. What unblock button do you refer, Dr Gloom?! Surely you kid! This block’s gonna last for at least a week after which I’d return back bigger and better and ready to take on the world…..em the posts. I see your new post and its looking really juicy, enticing and interesting from where I’m standing abi sitting. Gosh! What’s with me though?! Oh, its the block! Blame it on the block. Fare thee well pal and see you later Alligator! Just respond ‘ Bye bye Crocodile’ and I’d be outta here like abracadabra, to return God willing, in a week!


      1. Gloomsville’s a pretty name. Why not do away with the old and adopt this one?! I can guarantee you that your followership will triple overnight. Trust me! LMAO! Bye now, for real!


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