I won’t cry


i wont cry7

I won’t cry

No, not even when

My eyes shine

With a pool of tears

Not even when

They overflow and course

Down my cheeks

In steady rhythm

And leave a mark as they dry.

i wont cry4

I won’t cry

Not because it doesn’t hurt

Oh they do

I won’t give you the power

Not anymore

You are a tyrant

Taking what you want

And then dumping the husk

i wont cry3

I won’t cry

The racking spasm

And sob notwithstanding

Ignore the bawling

And the swollen

Red rimmed eyes

My sorrow

Cannot be measured in tears.

i wont cry2

All images courtesy http://www.google.com


51 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    Ok. Doc, this is a beautifully composed poem, and it sure as Heaven resonates! I know that sinking feeling all too well which is why I think the narrator’s lying to no one in particular but herself. I mean, there are more than enough glaring pointers that she’s not only shattered and crying up a river but is also a total mess. The handwritings are scrawled legibly all over this glorious page, duh! Despicable me, right?! Didn’t know I had it in me! Kidding! Or not! LMAO!

    1. topazo says:

      haba…see evil woman o!
      plus, why did you conclude it is a ‘she’
      the narrator is a he

      1. Yemie says:

        That’s a rhetorical question, right?! Even a bat can see in broad daylight that the narrator’s female. What with all the illustrations you have up there unless of course they’re transsexuals since there are a lotta genders in the world now. *straightfaced

        1. topazo says:

          pictures aside…the narrative voice is gender neutral…and is a he( I insist)

          1. Yemie says:

            You insist?! Hian! Well, I hear differently, sue me! Plus why not dig up illustrations of weeping men?! Oh yeah, you guys don’t cry right?! It simply would be too ‘wimpy’ abi? Except well, I admire real men who are in tune with their inner ‘femininity’, only makes ’em human and sensitive and that buddy, is sexy! LOL

            1. topazo says:

              why won’t it be sexy? so that you can mock him later and call him ‘big baby’. see woman sense o…sexy ko, sezy ni

              1. Yemie says:

                Otono, are you a learner?! Its not until a man weeps that he’s so referred. Regardless of whether a man weeps or not, y’all are big babies or big teddy bears, so called in other quarters anyways so, put a suck in it and stop acting all macho! I see through you! LMAO!

                1. topazo says:

                  what do you see? a sexy, romantic, sensitive, lover boy right? of course that is who I am…Lol

                  1. Yemie says:

                    Let me just save your dear heart what I see cos if I let up on what I’m really seeing ehn…… you’ll cry for shizzie! And you know men like you don’t cry, so lets just leave it at that! ROTFLMAO!

                    1. topazo says:

                      stop fumbling jor…if you really had anything to say, you woulda said it

                    2. Yemie says:

                      And what?! This statement’s geared at making me sing, right?! Hmmmm…….sorry to burst your bubble pal, its not working! Let it go already! LOL

                    3. topazo says:

                      why na?! you used to be much more fun than this!…*sulking*

                    4. Yemie says:

                      Ok, so I’m now a bore ?! Wevs dude, plus its still NOT WORKING, so save yourself the unneccessary theatrics, and it don’t look good on you! Lolz

                    5. topazo says:

                      you are too hard jor…aren’t you supposed to be a softie?

                    6. Yemie says:

                      Dr Temitope Ogundare! Let it go nah, what’s it to you anywayz?! Its not like your very existence is dependent on that highly confidential info! Ok, I’ll squeal when chickens begins to soar in the skies like Eagles! How’bout that?! *giggling

                    7. topazo says:

                      it is dependent on it o…
                      and I just saw a chicken soaring now now…so begin squeal

                    8. Yemie says:

                      Dude, what I’m I in kindergarten?! Didn’t see no Chicken soaring anywhere ‘kankan’! If you see sef, you go fit to wait?! In which case, whatever it is that you sighted couldn’t possibly be a Chicken. Awon ‘African Air Commodores’ perhaps?! You no go bolt for ya dear life? Eewo, Kamari! LOL!

                    9. topazo says:

                      I saw it jor…be a woman of your words and spill

                    10. Yemie says:

                      Why art thou so pig-headed?! The earlier you get it into your thick skull that I’m not singing, the best for you. So can we end this convo already or do I have to beg?! *scowling

                    11. topazo says:

                      you will have to beg or else

                    12. Yemie says:

                      Though I aint too proud to beg, beg I shall! Please let me off the hook Your Royal Stubborness, because from now till thy kingdom come, I don’t plan on squealing. So please bear with me, my good Sir, and thanks in anticipation. God bless you! *humble smiley (whatever the heck that is!) LOL

                    13. topazo says:


                      “the heart sings
                      a melody…”

                      should I continue?

                    14. Yemie says:

                      What stunts are you planning to pull outta your pandora’s box now Doc?! Resorting to emotional blackmail now are we?! You sly, slippery fox! Lolz

                    15. topazo says:

                      learnt from the best.
                      so are you gonna talk or should I continue?
                      what’s next sef? something like
                      “…the eyes refrains”

                    16. Yemie says:

                      Dude, you’re simply incorrigible! You wanna go ‘there’, like really?! Think ’bout it wella o. You know I’m up to the task. Back off now! Truce?! *smiley face

                    17. topazo says:

                      okay, let’s go “there”

                    18. Yemie says:

                      What are you on about tonight?! You’re in rare form abi? Ok, let’s not go there! I surrender! Happy now? Still not singing anyhow, so deal with it! *laughing

                    19. topazo says:

                      you either spill or go “there”

                    20. Yemie says:

                      Abegii, left matter for Matthias biko and remember, diarris God o! Suffice it to say, nothing dey happen! Isn’t it past your bedtime? Go get some zzzzzzzz Doc, for a clear head. You’re not thinking aright at this moment. *SMH

                    21. topazo says:

                      resorting to insults now are we?
                      ehen, where did I leave off?

                      “…the chorus
                      the brain amplifies it
                      and the cheeks
                      sings the lead vocals…”

                    22. Yemie says:

                      Huh?! Of what do you write ’bout Doc? I’m so groping in the dark right here, dunno what you’re on ’bout! Clueless me! *shrugs

                    23. topazo says:

                      with slyness and subtlety she pushes me to the edge of the cliff and bids me take the plunge.
                      then I snap out of my daze and wake up just in time to avoid taking the next step to doom…
                      *walks away*

                    24. Yemie says:

                      Iwo yi aaro! Koda gaan, o ti ya e ju! You daredevil you! *Yimu. Lolz

                    25. topazo says:

                      yea, that’s me…#evilgrin

  2. Topazo, you know how we all scream: ”I won’t cry!” Even when we are crying? Beautiful. Keep writing true. It’s draining. But those who have walked in the rain of life, can and will relate to your words. I do. Thanks.

    1. topazo says:

      My Oga! you showed up here today…I always like reading your comments…always loaded. thanks sir
      don’t be too distant sir

  3. ‘I won’t cry’ after you’ve finished crying abi. See you!

    1. topazo says:

      my sorrow cannot be measured with tears…I won’t cry!

        1. topazo says:

          nice seeing you around…

          1. Oh yeah. Same here. Lol

            1. topazo says:

              something funny?

              1. Nah. You know I laugh a lot now

                1. topazo says:

                  that’s good…a merry heart is a good medicine!

  4. fade says:

    I won’t cry even when my heart is heavy, even when I can’t hold back the tears anymore. Yet i’ll still say I won’t cry as though to re-assure myself the need no to, even as drops comes off my eyes. Nice work topaze. Really really nice one and that we’ll can relate with it makes it nicer.

    1. topazo says:

      thanks fade for the high praise…I appreciate a lot..

    1. topazo says:

      speak your mind sir

  5. neker17 says:

    I cry. A lot. The tears…help me see things clearer. But then, there are times…when i will myself to say….I wont cry.

    Bless your dear heart, Doc.

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks ma’am.
      the tears help you see clearer? now that’s new…

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