And then, there You were

Happy Sunday Folks! hope the weekend has been a blast?

okay, I wrote this poem on the road, well the first few lines, and I am stumped for a title. After several hours…well, more like minutes, I had this amazing idea. Why not allow you, my readers to suggest a title?! You have been following my writings and this could be another way to contribute to my writing, in addition to your wonderful comments that I look forward to…

So here is the poem


When everything is falling apart

And I can’t find a path

To tread

When I am at my wit’s end

Confused and my back bends

To near breaking point

When I see no way ahead

And things have gotten to a head

And I am about to give up

When my heart is filled with anxiety

And panic has robbed me of clarity

And I am a mess

When worry has made me sick

And sorrow, all joy has licked

And all I am is a hollow

That is when you show up

And everything begins to look up

Things change and you come through

For me

And time and again you prove

That you have got my back.


P.S The first person to suggest a title, gets a special something….



the poem was originally titled “Untitled” and thrown open for the fans to choose a title. The new title “And then, there You were” was contributed by Walter.

Check the blog contest result here


26 thoughts on “And then, there You were

      1. *flushed* Awww! And I’m I soooo glad you love it! That means I made the right choice then as opposed to the first probable title that popped into my head: ‘Diarris God o’! Hmmm… Just kidding! LMAO!

        A brilliant poem plus beautiful concept to throw it open to us, your esteemed readers. May the bestest pitch win! You Rock Plenty! *winks


    1. my anchor goes into the hat…
      it is ‘licked’…the word was used as a personification…like licking a plate dry
      thanks for your contribution…


    1. ‘a very present help’ goes into the hat…
      it is nice seeing your comments here, please do come here often….after ten comments you will get something…*wink


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