Breaking dawn

waking thoughts1
The dawn arrives with thoughts of you…oh the pain that this brings


I wake up to the tune of sadness

My heart shattered in a thousand

Pieces once again;

Even in dreams I have no respite

I’m constantly reminded

That you will never belong to me


Dreams are supposed to give hope

Even if false and improbable

Fantasies and desires get fulfilled

In Morpheus realm;

My pain is so real

Even when I’m unconscious


Your hold on me is so strong

Not even reason can keep me sane

I don’t want to hurt again

No one should have to endure this

How long shall it be till I succumb?

Or yet be whole again?


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14 thoughts on “Breaking dawn

  1. Wow! A brilliant and magnificently composed masterpiece! Brought tears to my eyes. Such bittersweet misery! The breaking of dawn of a new day’s supposed to offer promises of renewed hope, amidst expectations of good fortunes and maybe some form of happiness and exceeding joy. However, this right here’s the reverse! I just can’t imagine anyone plunged into this hellhole, its a grim tale of hauntingly thwarted love. *sighs*

    Doc, you’re a grandmaster in the composition of extremely sad pieces. Pray, do not infect me with ‘gloomy’. Incase you don’t know, its highly infectious and I feel myself being sucked in. Lolz! You’re simply brilliant, without an ounce of doubt!


    1. are you not sure you aren’t infected already? just look at your opening lines…lolz
      it is a harrowing thing to go through…missing your loved one and carrying that weight around even into the dream land where one is supposed to find respite


      1. I’m not infected. My opening lines are just there to convey to you the great job you did, composing this highly moving piece. Free spirits like me cannot afford to dwell in ‘gloomy’ for long. #team happy always. Lol


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