lone figure atop a cliff

A lone figure

Atop a cliff,

Silhouetted against the

Fading evening light glowing

A deep orange as the sun

Recedes beneath the sky;

Knees folded up and

Supporting the elbow,

He is the picture of

Serenity and peace.


But, can you see the tears?

The small, imperceptible

Rocking movements back and forth?

It is an odd blend of beauty

And a broken heart;

Emotions at variance with the

Canvas it is painted on.


Seemingly alone, he battles

With innumerable demons

Each plunging their

Spear at his

Already battered heart.


He screams, a drawn out, tuneless

Melody, devoid of mirth

At dissonance with nature’s philharmonic

Of chirping birds and cicadas

Renting the air and stilling

The surrounding sounds

And time stands still.


12 thoughts on “Silhouette

      1. Not very recently but yeah, I have. My mind had sat at the edge of a cliff before, questioning existence. It may not be the best of times but it hones one’s poetry.


  1. This is a ‘Monsterpiece’ Doc and I especially love that first illustration with the picturesque view of the setting sun over the horizon and what looks like a body of water and mountainous ranges, plus, the silhouette of the man just sitting across from it all. Breathtaking! Nature in all its magnificent glory! Woulda been sheeer perfection but for the gloom looming all over it in the form of the broken man in this paradise. You’re just too much, Doc; and amazingly so, I submit! LMAO!


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