The Car


The car danced rhythmically

On the silvery road

Huffing and puffing

And grunting

As it struggled along

The uphill path.


4 thoughts on “The Car

  1. The ‘baby’ illustrated here looks wayyy too sleeky than rickety to be huffing, puffing and grunting but seeing as its saddled with the uphill task of ascending a steep slope, that’s understandable. *laughing*

    Doc, I adore this poem. Its refreshingly different and hilarious too. Especially loved how you described the car as dancing rhythmically. Well done, Sir; keep it coming!


      1. I love sleeky rides but ranges will do just fine, especially with the manner of roads we have in Naija. A range will be smooth in its ascent unlike the car illustrated here. Lolz


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