I can’t remember

i cant remember1

I can’t remember

Who I was before you

And now I don’t know

How to go back

I am stuck


I can’t remember

What made me me

All I see now is who

You needed me to be

And I can’t be myself again


I can’t remember

What it feels to be alone

Without you

Yet I remember a time

When I was happy to

Just be by myself.

i cant remember2


3 thoughts on “I can’t remember

  1. Awww! This is really sweet! The crazy, pretty messy and sacrificial things we find ourselves doing for ‘love’ oftentimes is just plain unbelievable and ridiculous! I should scold this person for being anything other than him/herself but I’m in awe of this great show of love, which is to his/her own disadvantage or advantage, if I look at it from the angle of pleasing his/her beloved. A beloved who’s so self-absorbed, callous and does not seem to be as in love with the subject, a case of unrequited love. Love’s a two-way street, feelings must flow both ways and both parties have gotta give and take at the same rate or almost. This person’s so stuck on his/her beloved and is giving all, living a lie by not being true to self and that’s unhealthy. A recipe for disaster!

    Doc, you do great, always. Dunno how you come up with these concepts but you’re soo spot on! Some folks can actually relate with your ingenious pieces. Double thumbs up to you!


    1. not unrequited love per se…maybe the other person loves the narrator in his/her own way…or maybe his/her love is tied to the things he/she can get from the narrator or how much the narrator is willing to give or change…
      either way, that love is toxic..to borrow the language of someone I know…


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