The voice of silence
The light of darkness
Constant companions
In the bottomless pit.

The silence of echoes
The comfort of terror
Ever reassurance presence
In the midst of the gale.

The hope of despair
The certainty of failure
The applause of defeat
A constant cheer in the quicksand

The allure of insanity
The pride of scorn
The deceit of safety
The ironies of life.



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4 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Read through this piece and couldn’t help but liken the word, ‘Irony’, to the Yoruba phrase; ‘Iro ni’, meaning ’tis a lie’. Coincidental maybe?! *shrugs* Lolz

    Life itself is an irony! We’re born to die, and we die to be reborn again, sounds so scatterbrain but ooh so true. Good grief’s another pretty funny ironic exclamation. Grief couldn’t possibly be good in any way, can it?! Love the pressing iron illustration. Cracked me up, good. Kudos Doc!


    1. Hi KeeHara,
      I read your comments, and I was excited!
      You read most of my posts? Wow, you just stamped yourself as a super fan!
      Thanks for your support
      Please keep reading and commenting


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