You are the one person

Whose love I wanted to

Shout from the rooftops

You are the only one

With whom I was not afraid

To step out of my shell

And explore the world with


You are the one

Whose mere presence

Sets my soul ablaze

A flame so strong

A thirst so great

A passion that burns ever so brightly

And consumes my every being


Dude, that shit ain’t true! once she leaves, she belongs to someone else…and you are left damaged for life.


And then you left

Leaving behind a cold heart

Lonely and bare

Shivering and incapable of

Ever responding to warmth;

Damaged irreparably.


all images courtesy http://www.google.com




20 thoughts on “Damaged

  1. The last stanza leaves me angry at the narrator. How DARE he abandon hope that he will heal and find another, when life has so much misery and we all must learn to be little brave soldiers and march on, march on.


      1. No anger at the poet, and really like the poem : )
        Was just hoping the narrator would come out the other side–and perhaps feeling childishly resentful; i.e. “How dare HE get to give up when I and so many others keep going?”

        Aren’t we–people–silly?


  2. ah, heartbreaking….but damaged forever leaves me conflicted – on one end i know YES – that has happened – irreparable damage! and on the other hand I know NO – there is always healing.


  3. So lately, I’ve been ‘out’ shopping for awesome blogs to add to my repertoire and I daresay I just found one on this glorious page. That said, @Outlier Babe, wherever have you been all ma life?! You pretty much echoed all of my thoughts to the last, ‘t’, its so uncanny and I’m soo following you this very ‘eve’. *laughing*

    Triple Wowzer! I totally love this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G piece. Doc, you did a ‘fantabulous’ job of it. Its an absolute masterpiece! That said, I know and understand that life happens to the very best of us and we’re ‘damaged’ and hurting; but to say the word ‘irreparably damaged’, I find quite twisted, warped and shallow! Not a very good message to disseminate, out there to potential readers. It screams hopelessness and misery! God’s the Only One a human being can NEVER do without, every man’s replaceable and dispensable. Jesus Christ’s the Only One who’s said to be the same yesterday, today and forever, our absolute All in All. The only constant ‘K’. The human spirit, though breakable is also capable of true and absolute healing, if we let the One who designed it to take the wheel and hand it over to Him. #Nuff said


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