Mirthless Melody


A mortal wound on my soul

A tuneless melody I dole

Sans mirth and a bowl

Of tears I have. Sol

Sings and smiles, viol

And harp playing in tow

With the wind that blow;

But in my heart is a hole

Where all joy and laughter go

And never return from the gaol



all images used courtesy http://www.google.com



5 thoughts on “Mirthless Melody

  1. This composition’s quite like any other I’ve seen you do. Your musical side came to bare and the rhythmic flow of words from line to line’s commendable. A melody’s supposed to be merry and joyful but in this case, its ‘mirthless’. Typical, what else is new?! *yawns*. Woulda actually have been mightily surprised if it was anything but blue.*laughing*

    Dr Gloom, you’re just so unbelievable! May that ‘hole’ in thy heart find true healing and be merry, just as it deserves to be. Carry on, writing Doc! Kudos!


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