oyster shell

image courtesy: http://www.google.com


I have no words

My throat is closed

An empty oyster shell.


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  1. This is so beautifully sad…

    1. topazo says:

      yes it is…thank you

  2. PookyH says:

    Beautifully sad x

  3. ~*La Velata*~ says:

    treasures lost in the sea.. very sad indeed. 😥

    1. topazo says:

      thanks La Velata

      1. ~*La Velata*~ says:

        I wish I could mend alot of broken hearts tonight.

        1. topazo says:

          words can heal many a broken heart

          1. ~*La Velata*~ says:

            then I would say this to you.. as much as to myself. Don’t give up your hope. Even when you’re feeling really empty. I don’t know.. I’m reading this book right now, and I think that I may have lost a pearl myself. Emptiness is the worst feeling in the world.

            1. topazo says:

              Hope is what keeps us going…to lose it is to lose life.
              whatever is lost can be found again…
              sometimes being empty is the place to be, because then we can be filled….
              thanks for your soothing words…I hope you get to be filled soon…and don’t give up hope too

  4. Yemie says:

    Wordless eh? As in really, REALLY??? Or perhaps its just a challenge you’re trying your hands on Doc? Anyhow, its a lovely piece, gloomy but there’s hope. From what I’ve learnt ’bout supposedly ’empty’ oyster shells, some of ’em actually have microscopic baby oysters attached to ’em. These cannot be seen by the naked eye and when they’re put back on the beach, they’ll grow new oysters and only attach or stick themselves to the old empty shells. So, I take it you catch my drift, yes? Well done! Lolz

    1. topazo says:

      Do I? I don’t think so, be explicit

      1. Yemie says:

        You seriously don’t or you’re just playing crazy and acting dumb?! Oh boy, here we go again! *rolling my eyes forever*

        1. topazo says:

          seriously? like forever?!
          I don’t know ni….tell me na

          1. Yemie says:

            Ok. I’ll play your game and act the fool, pretending to myself that you don’t know for real. Here’s the thing, you’re wordless like an empty oyster shell you say. An empty oyster shell has the ability to bring forth a whole lot of full-bodied oysters if its got baby oysters attached to it and put back on to the beach. Needless to say, you’re not really as ‘wordless’ as you think you are. You only need to calm down, dig deeper and in time; you’d be bursting forth with renewed energy and vitality to forge ahead. Phew! #flings mic and tramples on it. LMAO!

            1. topazo says:

              awwww…*blushing beet red*
              thank you for the encouragement…I really appreciate..
              and that your move, (flings mic and tramples on it) was really cool!
              give it up for my super fan y’all!

              1. Yemie says:

                Move over dude! Duh! Lolz

                1. topazo says:

                  Lol…e don reach that level?

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