The Sacrifice


I must walk this path

With tears

Of blood

From eyes


By greed and lust;

Groping in the darkness

Of the cruelty

Of my heart;

A walk of shame

And anguish,

Each step an echo

Of reproof and reprimand;

There is no respite

The demons rage and rave

Their goal is to torture

Torment and annihilate;

Every sound is the wail

Of the blood of the innocent

Slain and spilt on the


Peace is slaughtered

And arranged

On the altar of wealth and power;

The gods are drunk

The end is near.


8 thoughts on “The Sacrifice

  1. Wow! Reading through this piece, in my mind’s eye; I visualize and see the terrible state of my beloved country, this resonates so well, albeit uncannily. The blood of the innocent shed all across the land, so senselessly and needlessly, crying out for vengeance. And to what end?! For power and wealth, vanity! *sighs*

    I love the title and these words, on each line, deep. I pray we get it right in this country and restitute for all our evil misdeeds, because its only then that we’d truly obtain forgiveness from He, who we’ve wronged. Nice one Doc, you did great!


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