Capture my heart

Hello readers, I trust you had a great day. I am happy to feature a guest blogger today- The Virtuous Spirit. This is going to be her second poem here, the first was a collaborative effort with me: “Silent Screams”. She is a closet romantic, I must say.

I hope you like this. Drop your comments in the comments section.


capture my heart

Win my heart with sweet words

Take my pain

Fill the hollow with your song

Make me crave

Like an animal on heat

capture my heart1


Chase my heart with the beats I love the most

Springing from the fountain deep within you

cascading outwards in gentle rivulets

Tender, and a drawn out melody

sweeter than the honeycomb.
capture my heart3

Make me long for them all day

Wake me with tunes from your heart

delightful music that fills me and sustains

Stroke my hair, sing me that song

that will forever glue my heart to you

capture my heart2

Go on your way, don’t stay long

don’t forget to post me a line or two,

sweet words

For my longing heart

I’ll read them till I fall asleep waiting for you

capture my heart4

My heart aches for you

Pines for you, curled up alone

come back home darling

Come tease me again

with those words you wrote that won my heart


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