Walking into the rain

Heads thrown back

Hair whipped

By the windy air

Tears mingling

With raindrops

Clothes drenched and heavy

Heart light and free

Flashes of lightning overhead

Thunder rumbling

Echoing the soul’s tune

“I am forgiven”


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6 thoughts on “Forgiven

  1. Wow! Nothing compares to that feeling ever! Being liberated from every emotional turmoil and just basking in freedom, pure and uninhibited. You were very well able to capture this feeling in this surreal piece, ‘clothes drenched and heavy, heart light and free’, I absolutely love that line. Tears of joy flowing freely and mingling with the falling rain must be really refreshing and liberating. Double thumbs up, Sir, you did terrific!


    1. you captured the essence of the poem well….

      those were my favourite lines too….the contrast between what was happening on the outside and inside….”clothes drenched and heavy but the heart became light and free”



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