not all kisses have good intentions
not all kisses have good intentions


Hello friend

Give me a kiss

Seal my fate

Sell me to death




8 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. This is a certified rib cracker! Really, Doc?! The sarcasm’s not only rich, its VERY real and flooding this whole page! LMAO!

    This piece alongside the first illustration reminds me of that snitch, Judas; when Christ told him to hurry up and do what he must. Is it just me or was Christ literally sarcastic too in His remark to Judas at the time? What’s life without betrayal every now and then? Loyalty’s a trait only a few God-fearing people are capable of, it doesn’t come easy and as long as you possess some kinda glory, envy will definitely result and betrayal by extension. Nice one, Doc; I like it! Lolz


      1. If only it were that easy to ‘watch the friends we keep’. Ever heard of the verse in the Good Book that says’ the heart of man’s desperately wicked, who can know it’?! Some folks are masters at pretending, wolves in sheep’s clothing, green snakes under green grass. Unless you’re clairvoyant or psychic, and that’s not even a guarantee, will you know for real; who’s fronting. God help us all!


              1. You wish! Came across this hilarious caption while surfing the net and it does make a whole world of sense. ‘Less friends, less bullshit! Keep your circle small! So, in line with this caption; I’d say you just might have a point there. Lolz!


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