I am tired,

I have no more fight

Left in me.


What is the point


I am all alone,


Fighting for all;

Defending the honor

Of people not worth it


I quit.

Not now,

After hacking down this opponent.


Just one more,

And then the next;

This is the last.


I drop to the floor,

Too weak to beat

A hasty retreat;


The end is near,

But no one is nigh

To tell my tale;



Who will chant

My bravery and valour

And console a widow?


I wait,

All is silent-

The sound of death.


I am alone,

The last man









DP Challenge: Fight the power

all images courtesy


2 thoughts on “Valour

  1. Plenty Wowzer! I was totally thrown off on reading this piece by the Guerilla illustration and the verses on combat. Didn’t see that last part coming: A widow’s battles! Doc, this is beautifully concocted and that wise saying of Francois is soooo deep, totally did me in! Indeed, we only have our bravado in our life’s battles to prove to ourselves and none other.

    I’m digging and loving this whole new look. Doc, you’re awesome and you can only but soar higher from here on out IJN, Amen. Kudos buddy!


    1. thanks ma’am.

      life is a battle, and most times we fight this battle alone, but the outcome affects so many people. we need to hold on and keep fighting, one enemy per time. victory is just around the corner


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