I am trapped in your body

Bowed in two by the burden

I have to endure

Eyes clouded by the tears.


Day by day I am restless

I feel my youth waste away

I can do so much more-

Was born to soar and conquer


I am caged

Locked up

In a deep dark dungeon

In your heart.


Let me go,

Release me to fulfill


To achieve what I was born to do


I am you,


From seeing the limelight

Because you refused to

Forgive Me.

forgive17 forgive19

forgive1 forgive4 forgive16forgive10forgive11forgive12


10 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Its amazing how you ‘re just able to compose masterpieces out of life’s issues on a whim, that a lotta folks can very easily relate with. Self-loathing and condemnation’s a terrible thing. Living in the past and singing the ‘had I known song’, does nothing but dampens the spirit. Changes nothing at all! We must all learn to get up, get going and move on by letting go of past guilts and truly forgiving ourselves through and through. How do you forgive another who’s wronged you if you haven’t mastered the art of first of all forgiving yourself? That’s a penny for your thoughts! Love the illustrations with their accompanying messages, coolness!

    Again, this new outlook’s ‘banging’! I dey feel am DIE! *laughing*


    1. thanks for the high praises ma’am.

      I feel the illustrations were a tad too much, I liked them and just littered the whole posts with me….couldn’t help myself *smile*

      the hardest thing to do is to forgive one’s self…wallowing in self pity sometimes is the mind’s way of coping with distress and we often take that as a salve and then revel in it..till we are knee deep in it


      1. I actually took note of all them illustrations and when I raised an eyebrow here, a very wise man who I think the world of and respect a lot said they’re necessary as I’d never know who’ll stumble upon those inspiring words, whose life would be turned around for the better and I concurred. So long as its for the greater good of humanity, biko, flood and litter the entire blogosphere with ’em. Who’s hating? LMAO!


              1. Guy, chillax nah! Patience is a virtue, besides, there’s no law that says a lady cannot keep a guy waiting. Its a guy that should NEVER venture into the business of keeping a lady waiting. Its not gentlemanly! Its VERY ladylike however, to keep a gentleman waiting, that makes us em…. Ladies. So sempe jor! No rush me, biko! ROTFLMAO!


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