Trapped II

forgive 8

You know what to do,

It is right in front of you

Your heart is pulsing

With the answer



It is enough,

It is okay to let go,

It’s as simple as

Unclenching your fist.



You think you deserve it,

Justice has to be served

How else will you say ‘sorry’

If you don’t get punished?



Open the door,

Let yourself out

Stand on your feet

And take one step at a time.



Let yourself live again

Be you- flawed, broken


And yet, beautiful.

forgive18 forgive15 forgive9 forgive7 forgive2


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4 thoughts on “Trapped II

  1. An inspirational piece! Spirit- lifting and morale boosting! Forgiving and letting go of certain wrongs is not humanly possible without the grace and comfort that only God can provide. To err’s human, forgiveness is divine. Only God’s capable of true forgiveness, blotting out and keeping absolutely no records of wrongs. But His grace abides and abounds for as many as ask Him, to furnish ’em with. Forgiving is one thing, forgetting’s another and that’s exactly where we need to seek God’s help. Doc, you rocked this as always. Well done!


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