I am sore
All over;
Sores abound on every

it hurts momma
it hurts momma

Everywhere aches,
But none compares
To that within-
Dull, constant.


Agony takes a life form,
Pain, a monster,
Ferocious, unmerciful
Taking all.

when tears are all you have got…


Tears swirl just beneath,
Rises and swells
But finds no duct;
Rages within instead.


Despair rules,
All is gone;
The ground is bare

I stand, nay, sway
A reed shaken by the wind;
Holding on to life
With uncertainty.

do not closer! I am irritable
do not closer! I am irritable

Everywhere hurts,
Do not touch;
No, not an inch closer
I am irritable.

touchy touchy1


4 thoughts on “Touchy

  1. Wow! A captivating piece! Misplaced and transferred aggressions can be really annoying. Its understandable if one’s the main reason why a person’s hurting, but totally unacceptable if the one who’s hurting sees you as the perfect candidate, an outlet; for venting such anger. Many a times, we just wanna let out our emotions on people, who had absolutely nought to do with our being in the low state we find ourselves and its pretty sad but shit happens! Great job, Doc, I can soooo relate with this, you’ve absolutely no idea! Frustrating stuff! *shrugs*


  2. I hope that whatever led you to feel this way resolves itself quickly. It made for wonderful poetry but no doubt it’s not a lot of fun to live with.


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