In the space of a choice

Your life is changed forever

A fraction of a second

That moment you

Settled for a course of action.


In the space of time

That will follow

That choice will haunt you

Every detail of the consequences

Etched indelibly on your mind


Time will race

And with it your dreams

Hope will become a mirage

And life as you know it

Will cease to exist.


You will sorrow

Weep and be in anguish

All to no avail

Then you will know the

True value of a morsel of pottage-

Your birthright.

even the orcs know this!
now this is simply irresistible…isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Birthright

  1. I’ll bet the consequences of trading places with Jacob was the least thing on Esau’s mind when he traded his birthright for a sumptuous meal of pottage, in the hungry state he found himself at the time of this significant occurrence in his history. This scenario resonates with a lotta folks even in this present age, when one’s so overwhelmed by a situation one finds oneself and will just settle for a temporary form of relief, throwing caution to the wind and just damning whatever consequences may result on the heels of the satisfaction enjoyed in that fleeting moment. Only that moment matters, tomorrow can wait, heck! tomorrow may never come! Doc, this is a well thought-out piece, definitely gets one thinking on one’s feet. Your ways with words though, highly commendable. Keep pressing forward, Topazo, you’ve got this! Lol!


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