Fallen Angel

fallen angel

Hell has never felt more alone

The cold seeps into my bones

Even as the flames leap around;

The noises are deafening

Amplified by the deathly silence


The anguish is soul deep,

Ripping apart flesh,

Putting a shutter on breath,

Drowning the soul in its tears;

Sorrow has never felt more real.


Ridicule permeates the air,

The ever present fragrance

From the mill;

Daggers of judgments

From eyes narrowed to slits

Pierce my skin, a thousand times over.


Dreams lay scattered about,

Shattered shards litter the terrace;

Splinters that draw blood

From the many punctures

As I lay sprawled-

Fallen from grace.


Tears flow from misty springs,

A waterfall cascading downwards

In a show of shame,

Ebbs into a trickle

And dries up like a shallow well

In the peak of the dry season.


I will mourn and wail

Bow my head

And stoop;

I will bear the burden of my guilt

Till it brings me to His feet.

fallen angel1



4 thoughts on “Fallen Angel

  1. Eerie stuff! This fallen angel comes across as a remorseful one, and if what I know ’bout fallen angels holds true; then I daresay that they really don’t give a hoot if they end up in hell or are condemned for all of eternity. They’d never beg God’s forgiveness, ‘Esu l’agbara, ko n’igbala’, as the Yorubas say, meaning, satan’s powerful but there are no chances of salvation for him, he cannot be salvaged. This is largely due to his pride, which was what caused his downfall in the first place. This piece makes me cringe in fear, but I do like the use of words. How a place filled with the gnashing of teeth and agonizing groans of the condemned, can be but deathly silent and also, how a place so blazingly hot, erupting with molten larvas like a volcano, can send cold chills and shivers down the spine of this angel, beats me silly! Doc, I’m in awe of your creativity, its astounding! Well done!


    1. thanks. but this “angel” is used in a figurative sense…and the emotions described here are completely human….the agony of a mistake and living with the consequences are what is captured as the human’s hell….the responses of men, their judgmental attitudes and the aloneness of being ostracized…


      1. Ok. That makes a whole lotta sense, cos for a moment there I was wondering how satan could be remorseful, hian!. Grace multiplied!


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