The things I want to say


Come back to me baby,
Do not leave;
Stay with me,
You make me whole,
With you I come alive;
Wrap yourself around me
Let me inhale your scent.

The things I want to say....
The things I want to say….

Do you know how much I miss you?
How that often I want to
Hold you so tight and never let
You go?
How your lingering scent
On the sofa
Is what I curl up to
And pretend it’s you?


Marry me,
Be the mother of my children,
Leave everything behind,
Don’t look back.
Just lock gaze with me
And step away from the crowd
And come be with me.


Come back to me
My lover,
My friend,
I miss you.
Come console me,
Put my head on your
Bosom and rock me;
Whisper to me
Those words that enrapture me


Don’t leave me,
My darling;
Turn back,
Run into my arms,
Hold me tight,
Say you want me too;
Tell me I am your heart’s
desire, and none else;
Say you need me
And refuse to go
No matter what.


My cold shoulder
Is all an act.
Place your head
On them and
I am undone;
Hold me,
The frown notwithstanding,
My heart is bubbly
And it beats only
For you.



25 thoughts on “The things I want to say

    1. hehehehehe….we are abi? so why then do we not get treated like one? we are supposed to be the protector, the one to cuddle and look after the women….and lots other things


  1. Double Wowzer! This is one very tantalizingly romantic composition. I’m both blown away and breathless right now. Great job Doc, you brought it in a mightily big way! That last verse got me ‘awwwing’ and I dunno how you’re able to work those illustrations with their attendant writings into your pieces, but everytime; you do it sooo brilliantly well. ‘The things I want to say’. a beautiful title it is, and no one should ever keep mute ’bout how they feel towards another, delay’s dangerous and such a person will not wait around forever. So take the plunge now and start singing already! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose but a lot to gain, when you unburden yourself from such an emotional baggage. Kudos! LOL!


    1. really? what if the person you want to sing to is unavailable? what if singing will cause more harm than good?
      thanks for the high praise…I am glad you like…this red enough for you?


  2. Red, yeah! Red enough, nah! I mean, the object of desire’s unavailable. That makes it bluesy and gloomy, a classical case of misplaced emotions. So then, these emotions need to be re-directed towards a readily available option. Afterall, if the desirable’s not available, then the available becomes desirable. Abi?


    1. redirected? like it was by choice that they were directed at the unavailable person? like those feelings are like a switch that you can turn on and off at will?


      1. Ease up, dude! Aren’t we Mr Grumpy Rump?! I know feelings cannot be turned on and off at will but in this case, logic has to take center stage or do you honestly see another easier way out of this hell hole?


        1. logic you say? the matters of the heart defies logic! when the heart has decided that it has had enough suffering, it will let up on the emotions…or still yet keep hoping, because Love, no matter how misdirected it is, usually lasts a lifetime


          1. Hoping you say? On what exactly? An unattainable love? Does that even make any sense whatsoever? The earlier a person realizes the truth, that such a liaison will not happen, the best. Why carry around an emotional baggage, when you can move on to better things? If the person were yours, you wouldn’t even sweat it, things will just naturally fall into place without any glitches. What’s yours is yours and what will be, will be!


            1. really? and the phrase what is good is worth fighting for? as you well know (do you?) that “moving on” is not easy and it is a process not an event. you don’t simply ‘snap out of it’

              better things you say? when you are mooning over the best thing to have ever happened to you?


              1. This ‘unavailable’ person is not dead is she? Define unavailable please, so I’ll be sure what angle I need to tackle this from, will ya?


                1. ah! this are hypothetical questions o….the other side of the coin from where you are looking at it.

                  this “she” can’t be dead, because the poem does not ring of grief, now does it? it is more of a woman who walks away….and is being yearned for.


                    1. herein is the complication… the poem again. the part about the frown? and he telling her that it is all an act? could it not be that that is what made her walk away? maybe she thought the cold shoulder was real and he now is coming to the open to say that underneath, his heart is bubbling for her


                    2. Ok. Now this is edging on ridiculosity and plain silliness. If his frowning made her hit the highway, and unavailable by extension; then he should go tell her its all an act and quit being idiotic before its too late.


                    3. Too late, how? Sing ‘openly’, huh? I’m not following no more, could you please help me find my way back to the present? Looks like this your last comment went several years ahead. I’m lost in translation. Help!


                    4. And I’ll bet that’s your own idea of helping me out abi? Asking me a question to evade my own questions? Very rich, Doc!


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