I see you from afar

Your calm demeanor

Soft spoken



You are solid



And beautiful.

my precious..

You are my

Prince charming

My own

Very soon


Your smile brightens

My day, and makes me

Sigh longingly

Waiting for the day

you mean you don’t know that I am crushing on you?

That day when you

Will notice me

And see me, really see me

For who I am


The days have turned to years

And yet here I am


For you

unrequited love sucks!

9 thoughts on “Crush

  1. Awww! Crushing on a person’s draining and exhausting especially when that person’s clueless ’bout your very existence and or feelings. To make matters worse, even if the person does know and doesn’t feel the same way, it doesn’t get any more awkward than that. You can only crush on a person for so long and hopefully, you snap outta your reverie before you completely lose touch with reality and go ballistics.

    Lovely piece, Doc and I can relate. Unrequited love really suckz! *Goerge Clooney tinz* LMAO!


      1. Is that a rhetorical question, Doc? Besides going bonkers, bananas and ballistics, what’s the worst that could possibly happen? Yeah, the one who’s crushing on another gets crushed and not in a very good way. So, why should any ‘right thinking’ person, subject themselves to such a misery of monumental proportions, eh?


          1. Crushing on a person’s overrated and most times, plain silly. Until you get close enough to a person, and I’m talking really up, close and personal; you can never seriously say that person’s the one for you. Katie Holmes has been crushing on Tom Cruise forever, I mean, who wouldn’t? The guy’s an eye candy, hot and quite a looker! She resolved as at when she was just 9years of age that she’d marry him when she was old enough. Marry him she did, they lived together as man and wife, had a daughter together and then, the scales fell off of her eyes upon the realization that he wasn’t all that afterall. They are divorced now and have gone their separate ways. So, what do you have to say ’bout this?


            1. if she could help it she wouldn’t have retained a crush from age 9 till she married him. she would have seen and dated men that she knew were right for her but like I said, the heart listens not to logic. she just had to marry him and that was when she regained her thinking sense and split when her fantasy was not fulfilled


              1. Well said, she couldn’t help it even though she knew he was taken at the time, she just had to help ruin his marriage! We oftentimes make use of our hearts rather than our heads and the consequences thereafter’s always disastrous. Now, she not only ended his marriage with Nicole Kidman at the time, she also does not have him. And then one begins to wonder what all the crushing was for. Sad!


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