Tell me your name


Tell me, what is in a name?

Definitely not for fame

Or is it good with the dames?

does a rose lose its nature if it is named differently?


Hello, what’s your name?

Is it all about identity?

Like just another entity?


My name is this and that

Does it tell you my destiny?

Does it prove my integrity?


Is my name better than yours?

Is it a symbol of class?

Or does it separates the castes?

definitely, having a name makes it easier to single you out for punishments!


Why then do we have names?

For the days of shame?

Like the elders proclaim?


Tell me your name

Does it reflect who you are?

Or modelled after a star?


Tell me, what is your name?

What does it mean to you?

I bear your name too.



DP Challenge: Power of names





29 thoughts on “Tell me your name

  1. My name’s Oyeyemi, meaning I’m worthy of a royal title. My name means EVERYTHING to me, keeps me grounded and humble, having come to a realization that, even long after I’m dead and gone, that name you see right there; will outlive me for good or evil. That’s solely my choice. The Good Book says ‘ A Good Name’s better than gold and silver’. A name keeps one from being called a ‘nonentity’, a word culled from the words, ‘no’ and ‘entity’. So yeah, there’s a whole lot in a name.

    Worthy of note also are names, so different from the ones we’re christened by our parents that we, consciously or most times, unconsciously take up in the way we lead our lives. Check this out: Tyrant, Murderer, Cheat, Liar, Bitch, Villian, Gossip, Lout, Slut, Thief, Scammer or on a brighter note, Hero, Kind, Charitable, Good, Faithful, Loyal, Honest, Truthful, Reliable, Pious, God-fearing et al.

    Doc, this is a very thought-provoking piece, you did really well. And that last illustration, got me reeling with laughter. She named her mutt after her ex? Epic! Thanks for sharing, and wisdom multiplied!


    1. nice dimension! the names we earn rather than the one we are named are the most important! word! that is why it is good to walk with the elders….I have gained a whole lot!


              1. You’re just so incorrigible Doc. Did you miss out on your childhood perhaps? Maybe that’s why you’re so gung-ho bent on being irrational. Do you know what I look like to know for sure that I’m old and greying? Ok, let me just help your condition. Do you wanna hear it? I’m really old and geriatric! Infact, I’m dealing with a condition, Osteoporosis at the moment. So yeah, you can give yourself a big pat on the back. Yay! We have a psychic on our hands! Eish! #smh#


                1. 1. yes I missed my childhood. I was born and then I became an adult
                  2. help my condition? really?! you are the one with the condition, osteo- wareva you call it
                  3. yes, I can sense it that you are reeeally old and geriatric.


                  1. Ote, na u sabi o! Iwofa l’enu, ohunkohun ti o ba wu elenu ni ki o fii enu e so. Won o ki n mu eniyan sii! So Doc, yap away! Ise ori ran e ni, ki o tera mo o. Delight and glory in those ramblings, biko, don’t stop on ma account o. Mura sii! It will do you a whole world of good. I’m outta here! Alaafia fun yin, Sir. Psst!


  2. Eheheheheheheh, so I was going to comment but after reading this ‘exchange’, i cant even remember what i was gonna write.

    Okay, yeah, a name abi?

    I think a name is what you make out of it. Not necessarily what it means literally.

    And Yemie has said everything i
    was going to say o, and more…

    So I’ll just continue with my laughter jeje.


    1. Oh my dayz, Buqie! I’m glad I was able to crack you up real good, that you actually forgot what you were gonna write. Damn, I’m good! Perhaps I just might have a future in stand-up comedy then, no? Thanks dear, you rock plenty much! God bless you. LOL!


        1. Oopsie! My badt! Where are my manners though? Wanting to take all the ‘credit’? What can fa? Ndo, maa binu si mi jare, I just got carried away there for a fraction of a millisec. So this is me, humbly acknowledging you Doc, a worthy adversary and a worthier sparring partner, afterall; it takes two to tango abi? And we’re doing a mighty fine job of it! *cowtowing to your ingenious* LMAO!


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