Silent Screams

Happy Sunday dear readers. I am excited to post this poem for so many reasons. First, it is my first ever collaborative effort and secondly because one of my poems served as an inspiration for the poem. I am glad to be working with Virtuousspirit on this one.

I hope you like it. please drop your comments below.


Does my silence scream?
Does it say how much I’m longing for you?
Does it show that I’m frustrated over not having you?
Does it tell you how much I’m still in love with you?

Do my tears drop you a line?
Can you tell it’s from a heart void of warmth?
Do they roll down to you,
whisper in whimpers
words from a broken soul?

I’ve been robbed of words,
Deep down my soul howls,
utters things that are too sacred to the ears
I’ll sit and cry instead
curl up and just miss you.

Every time I see you

My throat bobs and

My heart pick up

I catch your eye and

Hope that you will smile back.


It lurches and drops to my stomach

When I see you smile at another

And whisper words of love

My heart screams and I wonder

How you still can hear amidst the noise.


I said it was alright

But it isn’t

I said I have moved on

It is a lie, how can I?

I don’t even know how to.


I cover up the wounds well

And you don’t know that

Beneath the veneer of shining skin

Is a festering sore

Odious and fatal


I am dying

A slow painful death;

You could spot a difference

About me miles away before

Why can’t you see this?



23 thoughts on “Silent Screams

  1. Mehn! This is a riveting piece! Tortuous and grim! Excruciatingly and painfully sad all around! Habatically! Jeez! I hope I don’t get sucked into this really dark maze of sadness, its sooo contagious. I don’t think I’ll survive or make it out unscathed. May the Awesome God, whose Hands doeth valiantly offer to the all those experiencing this kinda hellish and harrowing experience some sorta comfort IJN, Amen. No one deserves to be plagued with such bleeding hearts, no one! Its just insane!

    And to the talented duo, you guys rocked this piece PIECES! I’m amazed at the depth of emotions flooding all over this piece. You guy make a ‘Solemn Match Made in Sadness Heaven’! Don’t ask me what that means, cos I’d absolutely no idea. Clueless! Kudos guys, y’all did great.


    1. thanks maam. it is something no person should ever go through.
      well, I will allow virtuousspirit to reply you on that your comment about match made in heaven…
      thanks as always for your comments….


  2. Yemi, wow! Your comments are always lengthy. Being a woman who doesn’t really talk much, i wonder how you manage to come up with ’em plenty words. By the way, what on earth is the meaning of a ‘solemn match made in sadness heaven’? Don’t u even try to run from this one… We’re waiting


    1. First, you’re a woman who doesn’t really talk and I do respect that a lot. On the contrary, I revel in talking, I bask and glory in it; plus what will the world be if we were all talkers or perhaps, non-talkers? We all cannot be the same way, now can we? Different strokes for different folks eh? It works sooo well for me and i’m actually balling. I hope this puts paid to the question ’bout lengthy comments and yeah, you’re pretty observant, you’re not the first one to point that out.

      Second, the Doc loves writing pieces that are gloomy and blue and with you coming on board, the blogosphere couldn’t get any ‘bluer’ with sad pieces dripping all over the place. So there, I hope that answers your question.


      1. Huh? Lool. Trust me, its very OK to talk and the fact that you do is quite obvious tho but that’s OK. Pls go ahead and talk all u want. U complement our type.

        But did u really answer my question? :s


        1. Well I did answer. Just revert back to the second paragraph of my first response or better still, ask Topazo; he knows too well what I’m talking about. My voice is loud enough to be heard, I love my privacy. I’m something of a hermit and I’d love to keep it that way. Thanks.


    2. ah. help me ask her o.
      but i adore her lengthy comments…they are what makes the blog come alive…she reads each posts, digests it well and it is always reflected in her comments. she is a super fan!


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